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Best Not to Ask Discord Member With Caesar’s Legion Profile Pic What He Makes of Upcoming Election

NEW VEGAS — After a Discord server focused on the Fallout franchise opened to the public for a few months, the staff have apparently come to notice troubling patterns in the new users joining. Moderators have made social media posts reporting trouble specifically among those with icons related to Caesar’s Legion, one of the many factions in the Fallout series.

“Usually it’s fine at first. They behave for the most part, save for some odd comments they claim are purely ironic,” said FistoFan500, a moderator for the discord.

“The real problems begin to arise when someone else brings up politics, which happens far too often nowadays with the upcoming election. Basically any time a user so much as mentions the election a legion icon pops up next in the chat to give us their manifesto of an opinion on it. We’ve tried to enforce a rule against bringing up real life politics since this place is just supposed to focus on the game, but there’s just too many of them.”Other staff members were more direct in providing examples of what problematic thoughts these users have been sharing. Unfortunately, many staff members have been pushed a bit too far by this growing vocal minority and were unfortunately unable to be reached for comment. Thankfully some still remained coherent enough to provide a comment on the matter. 

“I had to ban 5 of them this week alone for what they’d say was ‘common sense’ opinions on women, LQBTQ+, and other topics I’d rather never speak of again so long as I draw breath,” said another moderator going by the username of BennyBing77.

“Seriously, as we get closer to the election they become more vocal and a lot less subtle about why they think the faction that enslaves women among many other things is the best choice for a civilization. It should not be this difficult to explain that everybody deserves basic respect.”

When asked for comment, one of the recently banned users going by the username of LegateLarry was more than happy to provide their side of the story.

“The staff are just on a power trip and biased against those with Legion icons because they dislike the faction in-game. They retaliate against anyone who has a slightly different opinion than them and yet say we’re the ones supporting fascist ideologies, it’s ridiculous. Just because I accidentally called someone a slur doesn’t mean I should be outright banned without a chance to explain myself.”

At press time, several users with Enclave profile pictures had entered the server and chased out the Legion.