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Audiences Blast ‘The Flash’ for Distasteful Inclusion of Live Action Ezra Miller

LOS ANGELES — Following The Flash’s long awaited opening weekend, audiences at large are complaining about the distasteful inclusion of a live action Ezra Miller as the titular character. 

“Man, that’s fucked up,” said one frustrated audience member shortly after leaving a showing of The Flash. “I’d heard internet rumors that they were still the star of the movie, but I don’t know, I guess I thought there was no way they’d go through with something in such poor taste. But there it was, a big old live action Ezra Miller. Right there in the flesh. This is a terrible insult to fans of this franchise, not to mention that woman they choked in Iceland.” 

The scenes featuring Miller as The Flash occur throughout the film, much to the dismay of many audience members. 

“It’s just so morally wrong that they’d do something like this just to make a few bucks,” said another filmgoer, regarding Miller’s extended cameo. “I’m not sure what I would’ve done with the situation they’re in, but this certainly wasn’t the answer. Actually, do you know what I’d do? I’d write a script where The Flash was just running around the whole time and therefore no one saw him. Boom, that’s a better idea right there. Come on, guys.” 

As of press time, DC was reportedly considering reediting The Flash into a 30 minute Batman movie.

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