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ASMR YouTuber Asks Viewers to Gently Caress That Subscribe Button

CHICAGO — Popular ASMR YouTuber Ann Van Den Broeck, known by her YouTube handle Rapunzel ASMR, reportedly closed her recent hour-long ASMR video by asking viewers to gently caress the subscribe button.

“And now that the video is over, if you’re still watching, make sure to gently stroke that subscribe button for more videos,” Van Den Broeck said in a crisp whisper. “If you want more ASMR content, make sure to click your long acrylic nails on the link to my second channel below, and to be notified of future videos right when they come out, scrape some sandpaper on that bell icon under the video. If you want to support my channel, feel free to softly clack your credit card on my Patreon, or buy some of my merchandise to rustle over your body.”

Loyal fans of the ASMR channel seem to enjoy the standard end of video speech.

“The outro is usually my favorite part of the video, when all the roleplay and warm sounds are done, it’s nice to have a carefully rehearsed yet audibly pleasing call to action,” subscriber Tom Fellows said. I love hearing her hushed voice tell me all the sponsors for the video and what’s coming up on her channel this month while clinking mason jars all over the microphone. There’s something inexplicable about the way she plugs her social media that just sends this cozy feeling all over my body.”

At press time sources noted that Van Den Broeck’s channel also offered a pleasing sense of balance while also gaming the Youtube algorithm by making sure all her gentle soundscapes were exactly ten minutes long.

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