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Armed Robber at Trading Card Store Tells Everyone to Get Face Down and in Defense Position

A panic broke out at the Kame Game shop recently when a suspected armed robber reportedly entered the store and instructed everyone inside to get face down on the ground and put themselves in the defensive position. Witnesses on the scene confirmed the suspect hid their face with their 8-inch popped collar.

“Oh, it was absolutely horrible,” said Solomon Muto, the owner of the shop, when he was questioned by reporters on the scene.

“He wanted my extremely rare Blue Eyes White Dragon card because there are hardly any in existence. I usually keep it under lock and key, but today I had it out to show my grandson and his friends. What can you do when someone points a gun at your face! I’m just an old man! I usually keep a trap hole outside the front door just in case something like this happens. I feel so foolish for forgetting it today.”

One suspect died at the scene after a confrontation with police, who fired shots that dealt fata damage to the suspect’s life points. Luckily no witnesses were harmed, according to a press release. 

“It’s not the first time we’ve had to put down some nutcase who was after a special trading card. Duel Monsters has become a scourge on our society and kids are getting involved as young as age six,” said the chief of police.

“The creator of the game, Maximillion Pegasus, has not been helping either. According to our intel this creep is trying to host some sort of tournament on a private island somewhere. I don’t want my kids galavanting unsupervised on some pervy billionaire’s retreat.”

While police express  frustration with trading card related crime, it seems the cards themselves are only getting more and more popular. Kids can’t seem to get enough of games such as Duel Monsters and people like Maximillion Pegasus have been quick to cash in.

“I can’t help it if everyone loves my game! I definitely don’t condone any crime occurring as a result of its popularity,” said Pegasus. 

“People have spread the most nasty rumors about me! Some have suggested that I orchestrated this attack on Mr. Muto as a way to get to his grandson, or that I kidnapped the brother of the head of Kaiba Corp in some dramatic move to take over the company. But that’s just absurd! I’m just a humble entrepreneur.”

Hard Drive made attempts to follow up with the owner of the card shop, but unfortunately it seems his soul is currently trapped inside a trading card.