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Andrew Tate Keeps Interrupting Female Cop Reading Him His Rights

ROMANIA — Media and political personality Andrew Tate’s arrest today was apparently lengthened by Tate repeatedly interrupting the female cop reading him his rights. 

“I’m gonna have to stop you right there, babe,” interjected Tate while being handcuffed. “You’re running your mouth right now about how ‘I have the right to an attorney’ or whatever, but you’re just proving my point about modern women. As an alpha male, you should be submitting to me, but society has warped your genetic mindset and made you a callous bitch who wants to lecture me about things like what shoes I should buy you or what human rights I’ve violated. Look, after this whole ‘human trafficking’ thing is over, you want to grab a drink sometime?”

The policewoman arresting Tate, officer Ana-Maria Fischer, explained how Tate’s instinctive intervening comments made the arrest more difficult.

“It took me almost four hours to get through the full list of rights in one go,” Officer Fischer said. “Mr. Tate would hold a finger to my lips and start aggressively bench-pressing or monologuing about the secret to being wealthy while backup officers searched his home for two missing girls. I eventually was only able to get him to listen by insisting that cutting me off was ‘a total cuck move,’ upon which he sat down and diligently listened.”

At press time, Tate reportedly lamented how western society has inflated the self-worth and entitlement of the women he imprisons.

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