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After Much Consideration, Christoph Waltz Decides to Play Character as Weird German Megalomaniac

LOS ANGELES — Actor and Academy Award Winner Christoph Waltz has announced recently that he will play the titular character in his new drama film The Farmer as a weird megalomaniac German man.

“My character is a rural farmer from the state of Kansas, so I thought it would be an interesting take to play him like he was a dracula from Castle Wolfenstein,” Waltz said on his press tour. “I wanted to branch out in my acting career, and I thought it might be a fun challenge to give a big performance as a wild European villain. When I read the script, though there was none of this actually on the page at all, I could tell the director wanted me to play it as a charismatic but sinister bon vivant.”

The film’s director, Sean Wallace, commented on the actor’s unique take on his character.

“I had written the character as a humble southern ranch hand, with a thick southern drawl and a very modest, taciturn demeanor, but Christoph decided it might be interesting to play him as a strange Nazi weirdo who over-enunciates every single syllable.”

Audience members at early screenings of the film lauded Waltz for exploring new territory.

“I never would have believed that the grand, German, idiosyncratic Nazi from Inglorious Basterds or the grand, German, idiosyncratic painter from Big Eyes or the grand, German, idiosyncratic bounty hunter from Django: Unchained could ever play a grand, German idiosyncratic farmer,” said focus group member Alan Hersch. “It was wild seeing him take on a slightly different occupation with the exact same ethnicity, voice, and mannerisms.”

At press time, sources close to the set reported that Waltz would be appearing opposite Jesse Eisenberg, who would be stepping out of his comfort zone by playing a snarky asshole.