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25 Great New Films and the 25 Different Streaming Services You Can Find Them On

Watch these movies before they’re locked away in a vault to save money on taxes!

August is here, and just like every other month a slew of movies have left streaming services and are being replaced by an entirely new slew of films, many of which you absolutely MUST watch! We know it can be harder than ever to navigate the increasingly crowded streaming landscape, so we’ve provided you this helpful list of 25 great new films hitting streaming this month, and the 25 different services you can find them on. Better get cracking! 

The Gray Man (Netflix) – The Russo Brothers direct Ryan Gosling as a CIA mercenary on the run from Chris Evans in this high octane Netflix original. 

Not Okay (Hulu) – A wannabe influencer is outed for a lie and is turned into the internet’s public enemy number one in this original comedy.  

Don’t Make Me Go (Amazon Prime) – John Cho stars as a terminally ill man taking his daughter on a road trip to teach her about life while he still can. Oh man. 

Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 3 (Disney Plus) – The third installment in this suspenseful song-and-dance series drops this month, and rumor has it it’s the final one. Say it ain’t so!

The Bad Guys (Peacock) – This animated Dreamworks series focuses on an infamous crew of criminal animals trying to turn a corner and do some good. Voice talent includes Sam Rockwell and Marc Maron. 

On the Third Day (Shudder) – A woman recovers from a car accident with no idea where her son has gone in this premiere from the spooky streaming service. Holey moley.

The Only (Paramount Plus) – This documentary focuses on the story of Briana Scurry, the only Black starter and first openly gay Women’s soccer player to play on the national team. 

Riding With Sugar (Tubi) – A young refugee embarks on a quest for BMX glory and the pursuit of identity, safety, happiness and love. These are still the real ones, folks. 

The Bob’s Burgers Movie (HBOMax) – Sorry if you went out to see this last month. Check this out before it’s deleted from the app while you’re watching it!

ArmyCop (Buggle) – Buggle has assured its angry subscribers that ArmyCop will be the high profile release that justifies their subscribing to the service that was touted as a ‘Netflix Killer,’ when it debuted last year. Since then, however, there’s been a minimum of original content, but this gritty military action crime drama promises to have it all. Based on the 2016 best seller Daniel Zack: My Life as an ArmyCop

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me! (Kanopy) – You might not know about Kanopy, but you can access this incredible (and free) streaming service with any library card. Home to classics, foreign films, and arthouse fare, there’s an abundance of options to check out, including this upcoming Holocaust documentary that is nothing short of riveting.

Thank You, Thomas Huffman From Massachusetts (CNN+) – CNN put this extended thank-you video on their platform to honor their lone remaining subscriber this month. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Catch this before it’s too late, which is any day now. Recommended if you are Thomas Huffman from Massachusetts! 

Taken 6 – (Starz Play) This time they get his wallet! 

Chris Kattan & Friends: Gettin’ Silly Up Here! (Seeso) – We didn’t know Seeso still existed and aren’t sure how to access it, but there’s a new Chris Kattan special dropping! 

Beverly Hills Cop 4 (Quibi Films) – Quibi is back as a full length feature film streaming service and has spent over $120 million dollars to bring Eddie Murphy back as Axel Foley and, oh, actually, I just got a notification that Quibi Films has gone under. Damn. 

Locked in the Garage (PlutoTV) – This Pluto original wears its low budget on its sleeve with a convoluted plot that involves a man (played by Mario Lopez) who locks himself in his garage and spends the movie’s run time calling people and asking what he should do. 

Unstoppable (Unstoppable+) Like all months on Unstoppable+, 2010’s better-than-you-remembered Denzel Washington led Unstoppable is the only movie on the platform. We can’t imagine why you’d continue to subscribe to this service, but if it snuck past you another month, maybe watch Unstoppable again? I’m telling you, it’s pretty good! 

Sharky Waters (FreeVee) – Okay, so Amazon spun off something called iMBDtv, which was a movie website turned streaming service (that has new episodes of the Judge Judy TV show), but now that has turned into FreeVee. And while I’m not sure I got that all the way right, I am sure that FreeVee is the only streaming app where you can find this shark movie starring Sean Spicer and Hulk Hogan’s daughter. 

ESPN Presents: Dan Marino: The 5-Dog Game (ESPN+) – This insightful documentary sees the legendary quarterback himself discuss the infamous 1995 game against the San Diego Chargers wherein he ingested five hot dogs shortly before kickoff, mistakenly thinking he hadn’t been medically cleared to start. Featuring archival footage and new interviews, many critics have called The 5-Dog Game one of the best documentaries of the year. 

There’s a Quid in the Loo (AcornTV) – The British streaming service is throwing its hat into the original movie game, with this film about a bank employee that tries to flush a fortune into the sewer and discover it later. 

Femme Triste le Matin (The Criterion Channel) – This four and a half hour Cannes entry from French auteur François Beaufort examines a marriage falling apart for a decade. There is a 20 minute scene of sad people eating breakfast halfway through that you have to see to believe.

My Summer of Love and Predictable Storm Patterns (The Weather Channel) These monthly TWC exclusive films are usually pretty tedious, full length films that amount to little more than characters discussing the weather, but this one has some charming scenes that elevate it ahead of some of their other offerings this year, such as Sunny Days, Stormy Nights and Hurricane Mom

My Favorite Fish (Long John Silver’s MAX) – Yes, this is another full length commercial for Long John Silver’s disguised as a madcap comedy, this one about a group of sailors stranded on an island with nothing but delicious Long John Silver’s products. Not without its highlights, this one is worth watching for Coolio’s surprisingly poignant turn as Admiral Tartar Q. Hushpuppy alone. 

Hardly Workin’ (Redbox Mobile App) – Holograms of Tupac Shakur and John Candy star in this side splitting comedy about two ex-cons who lie on their resume and find themselves managing a fast food restaurant. You gotta figure out some weird Redbox app to watch this one. I did, and it was well worth it! 

Jesus Slaps! (Kirk Plus Brought to You By Kirk Cameron) Kirk Cameron wrote, directed, stars, edited, produced, and wrote the songs for this downright embarrassing attempt at making the bible appeal to a new generation. Worth viewing for the abysmal “All My Homies Love Eating Communion” rap.