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Vampire Survivors – How to Unlock All Secret Characters (v. 1.0)

Are you still hungry for blood? Find out how to unlock all secret characters in Vampire Survivors!

Have you been whiling away hours of your life hunting down ghoulies and creatures of the night in Vampire Survivors? Oh yes, pretty sure you have. No one can escape the strong pull of one of the indie smash hits of the year, it’s just unavoidable to spend so much time engrossed in it. But, are you sure you’ve discovered everything? Well, here I am to tell you how to unlock all the Vampire Survivors secret characters.

We are now, finally, able to play the 1.0 version of the game, after so much time spent in Early Access and a treasure trove of content being added. There’s so much meat (of the bloody raw kind, of course) to chew on, regardless if this is your first rodeo or you’re a long-time aficionado.

But if you’re on the hunt to play with all of the characters, well beyond the Belpaese family, then I’m here to help you find out how to easily unlock those Vampire Survivors secret characters in the current release of the game.

Vampire Survivors – All Secret Character Unlock Methods

Here are all of the Vampire Survivors secret characters and how to unlock them:

  • Character namePrerequisitesUnlock method
    GyoruntonChoose the boss rush in “one weapon” mode and survive at least 15 minutes, the character will unlock as soon as the run is over.
    Exdash Exiviiq Quickly type x-x1viiq on the keyboard while in the main menu, if successful you should hear a jingle – that means you’ve unlocked Exdash. 
    Toastie Exdash needs to be unlocked.You need to kill one of these enemies: Stalker (green), Drowner (blue, always spawns at the bottom of the map) or Trickster (pink). At that point, Toastie will briefly show up on the bottom of the screen, you have to be quick and press Down + Enter to unlock it. The controller also works.
    Smith IVToastie and Exdash need to be already unlocked.Type spam in the main menu. After that, you have 30 seconds to write spam in the character selection screen, then select a random character, type spam again in the stage selection screen, enter a run and then – finally – type humbug.
    Boon Marrabbio“100 Chickens” achievement.Go to the Mad Forest, pick up both Pummarola and Skull O’Maniac. At this point a shadowy boss should appear (if it doesn’t, follow the trail of pies), defeat it and you’ll have unlocked Boon Marrabbio. Otherwise just type fettinepanate in the main menu.
    Minnah MannarahYellow Sign item.A cheese should appear on the Dairy Plant level as a pick up. Once picked up, seven werewolves will appear, defeating them will unlock Minnah Mannarah.
    LedaThis strange boss shows up in the Gallo Tower after going all the way to the bottom. While walking down, the music will start fading away and the screen will slowly go dark. The boss will approach you very slowly so wait for it to catch up. Defeat it to unlock it.
    PeppinoPick the dog O’Sole Meeo and Il Molise in stage selection. The starting weapon of the doggie, the farting flowers, will heal the plants in the stage, to unlock Peppino just heal them for 100.000 health points.
    Gains BorosThe Bone Zone needs to be unlocked.In The Bone Zone level, go up and seek a flower ring which heals the character. Wait on it for 10 seconds and you’ll unlock Gains Boros.
    Red DeathYou need to kill the Reaper that comes after your soul after 15 mins (or 30 mins, depending on the stage). To do this, the best weapons are high powered Clock Lancet and the Laurel shield.
    Big TrouserMoonglow stage needs to be unlocked.Collect all the items in Moonglow and max them out, but leave the stage before the Reaper comes after you.
    Queen SigmaUnlocked by collecting all of the 124 items in the “collection entry” screen.
    Cosmo PavoneYellow sign and Zi’ Assunta Belpaese need to be unlocked.Choose Capella Magna in stage selection and Peachone and Ebony wings as weapons. Then go up on the level and pick up the burning weapon item (Nduja Fritta Tanto). The gates close to the item should, then, open and you can go in and unlock Cosmo.
  • These are all the secret characters so far in the 1.0 version of the game. Should more secret
  • Vampire Survivors characters appear in subsequent versions, we will be sure to update our guide.