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The Callisto Protocol: Energy Converters & What They Do

There are a lot of items players can find in The Callisto Protocol through various areas of Black Iron Prison. They all have different kinds of uses in the game and can help in progressing the story. One of the items that players are getting confused with is the Energy Converters. Players are mainly concerned with what purpose these Energy Converters serve in the game. Here, we will discuss what these Energy Converters do in The Callisto Protocol and where to find more of them.

The Callisto Protocol- What Are Energy Converters and Where To Find Them

In simple words, energy converters are items you can sell to gain Callisto Credits. These Callisto Credits are the main currency in the game and it is used to create various weapons as well as upgrade them. As such, they are pivotal in your journey. But, these Callisto Credits are hard to come by. Looting dead bodies, lockers, and chests will often reward you with Callisto Credits, but the amount is very low. This is why Energy Converters are important, as they give a huge amount of Callisto Credits.

There are two types of Energy Converters in The Callisto Protocol: the normal Energy Converter and the Pristine Energy Converter.

The normal Energy Converter can be found in chests, dead bodies, and lockers mainly. Although, they are also sometimes on the dead bodies of enemies. Selling them will give you 100 Callisto Credits.

The Pristine Energy Converters are a little hard to come by as they are much rarer in the game. Sometimes, you might also find them with normal Energy Converters if you’re lucky. The tougher enemies might also have these Pristine Energy Converters so be sure to stomp their bodies whenever you take them down. Selling these at the Reforge will give you 200 Callisto Credits.

These Energy Converters are crucial in progressing through the early chapters of the game after you have unlocked the Reforge. You will need them to upgrade your weapons like the Stun Baton, Hand Cannon, or Skunk Gun. Stock up on these Energy Converters as much as you can and sell them whenever you find a Reforge. But, keep in mind, that your inventory space is limited so you’ll have to sacrifice some of the items already present.