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Street Fighter 6 Avatar Recipe Guide: Best Recipe Codes in SF6

Want to know everything about the Street Fighter 6 avatar recipe system? Street Fighter 6 features a new character creator mode that allows players to customize their own avatars and use them in the World Tour mode and Battle Hub areas. 

The character creator mode offers a lot of options to change the appearance, clothing, accessories, and fighting style of the avatars. However, some players may want to replicate the look of their favorite characters from other media, such as video games, anime, comics, etc. This is where the SF6 avatar recipes come in handy.

Street Fighter 6 Recipe Codes Explained

Recipe codes are codes that are created and can be used to replicate a certain avatar look in Street Fighter 6. They consist of numbers and letters corresponding to different settings and options in the character creator mode. 

For example, a recipe code for Kratos from God of War is RBADUHXPC. By entering this code into the game, you can create an avatar that looks like Kratos.

Recipe codes are generated by the game when you create or edit your avatar. You can also download or upload recipe codes from other players online. This way, you can share your creations with others or try out different looks for your avatar.

How To Use Avatar Recipes in SF6

To use a recipe code, you need to go to the Body Shop in the Battle Hub room. The Body Shop is a stand that is located just to the right of the Extreme Battle arcade cabinets. Here, you can create or edit your avatar using various options and settings.

To enter a recipe code, you need to select the Download Recipe option in the Recipe tab. This is the last tab on the right side of the screen. You will then be prompted to enter a code consisting of numbers and letters. 

If you enter a valid code, you will see a preview of the avatar that corresponds to the code. You can then apply it to your avatar or make further changes if you want.

You can also find your own recipe code for your current avatar by selecting the View Recipe option in the same tab. You can then save it or upload it for others to use.

Street Fighter 6 Popular Recipe Codes

Kratos, one of the most popular avatar recipes in Street Fighter 6.

Here are some of the most popular recipe codes for Street Fighter 6 that you can try out:

  • Kratos from God of War (RBADUHXPC)
  • Terminator from Terminator (9BXGTLVH9)
  • Harley Quinn from DC Comics (SREG88L5F)
  • Mr. Satan from Dragon Ball Z (DVDCYTD5N)
  • Black Widow from Marvel Comics (XEV8R349F)
  • Trunks from Dragon Ball Z (LW6H4X9KY)
  • Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (EUA7CATB9)
  • Saitama from One Punch Man (E87GAVNKW)
  • Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda (NLD3L8XMP or 4AXB78LXQ)
  • 2D from Gorillaz (L3HEMVUQN)
  • Genos from One Punch Man (QKVN3NEF4)

There are many sources where you can find avatar recipes for Street Fighter 6. One of the most popular ones is Reddit, where there is a dedicated subreddit for sharing and requesting recipe codes. The subreddit is called /r/SF6Avatars, and it has thousands of posts with different recipe codes for various characters.

Those are some of the best Street Fighter 6 avatar recipe codes! Use these and check around the internet to put some of your favorite characters in the game, thanks to its robust customization. While you’re here, check out our tier list of the best characters!

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