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Sea of Stars Saving Guide: How to Save in Sea of Stars

In a game like Sea of Stars, saving routinely is essential to ensure you don’t lose any progress. Like the games it was inspired by, you can’t simply open the main menu to save the game. Titles like Final Fantasy XVI may have that luxury, but Sea of Stars takes from the classic SNES JRPGs.

There’s a formula you need to follow to save your game, but after saving once, you shouldn’t have any issues finding further save points. Here’s how to save your game in Sea of Stars

How to Save in Sea of Stars

A save point in Sea of Stars

Saving is done through save points within the world. They’re pretty easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. Look for a book on a glowing pedestal. The book should look like a brown leather book with a glowing blue stone in the middle of it. Once you locate one, head over to it and interact with it. From here, a save menu will pop up, and you can save your game in one of the available save files. 

There is also an autosave feature available. This will be indicated by a book in the bottom right corner that will usually appear when entering an important area. The autosave doesn’t go into a visible file, but is just loaded if you select “Continue” from the main menu.

How Many Save Files?

Sea of Stars offers players up to nine files they can save on. Initially, you are only presented with three; however, once those are filled, you will unlock six more. This can be useful for a number of reasons depending on where you are in the story. You can use this to your advantage if you want to buy and test out an item, for example.

When to Save

You should realistically save before every major boss fight. A great example of this is the Elder Mist boss, as, without the proper knowledge, you can quickly lose progress without a save. Since you won’t be aware of most of them, it’s best to get into the practice of saving at every save point you see. You can ensure your progress isn’t lost with this method.

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