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Resident Evil 4 Sword Puzzle Guide: Treasury Puzzle Solution

Resident Evil 4‘s second major location – a dark and mysterious castle overrun with Las Plagas-infected enemies and winding, interconnected pathways – houses some of the game’s most clever puzzles. One in particular is the Resident Evil 4 Treasury’s sword puzzle, which asks you to align a series of four swords in the correct order to open a passage. If you’ve found yourself stuck on this one, we’ve got you covered on how to complete the puzzle and continue your journey through the castle. 

Resident Evil 4 – How to Solve the Treasury Sword Puzzle in RE4

When entering the Treasury room with the four pictures with sword inlays, you’ll find that one is missing. That’s because the fourth sword is hidden behind a gate on one end of the room, meaning you’ll need to open that and retrieve the missing sword before you can complete the puzzle. 

The gate’s lock sports three small animal symbols. If you’ve made it this far into the castle, you’ve definitely encountered similar puzzles involving these symbols, and the way to solve it is similar to the times before – you need to hit emblems in this area that correspond to the animal symbols on the lock.

  • Deer – Pull the emblem’s chain to the left of the gate.
  • Eagle – Shoot the emblem behind the gate on the right side.
  • Snake – Shoot the emblem behind the gate on the right side.

Once you’ve opened the gate, you can head inside and grab the Bloodied Sword and then return to the main section of the room. Here you’ll find that each of the pictures on the wall correspond to a specific time in a soldier’s life, so you’ll have to place the swords in the slots that best represent those periods from left to right.

  • Picture 1 – Iron Sword
  • Picture 2 – Golden Sword
  • Picture 3 – Bloodied Sword
  • Picture 4 – Rusted Sword

When you’ve placed all of the swords in the correct slots, the path forward will open, allowing you to continue your trek through the castle.

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