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Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries Unlocks: How to Unlock Hunk

The first two weeks with the Resident Evil 4 remake have provided players with plenty to do, from trying harder difficulties to playing around to find the best weapons in the game. Thanks to the new update, there’s even more to do with the long-awaited arrival of The Mercenaries. The minigame mode has a lot of unlocks and one of the last will be for one of the most deadly characters in the franchise’s history. This is how to unlock Hunk in Resident Evil 4 remake Mercenaries.

How to Unlock Hunk in Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries

You’ve probably recognized a pattern here with how to play as more characters in this minigame. After unlocking Luis and then unlocking Krauser, the opportunity to play as Mr. Death himself will be possible. All you have to do is “achieve A rank or above as Krauser on any stage” to make Hunk playable.

How to Achieve an A Rank in The Mercenaries with Krauser


Clearing a stage with an A rank requires a minimum score of 100,000. Although Krauser feels the most different compared to everyone else, there’s a good chance that you’ll be earning A ranks and beyond the easiest with him.

Krauser might seem limited at first, thanks to his unique compound bow and TMP submachine gun seeming like paltry tools. What makes his bow special is that it only shoots explosive arrows that can easily take out large groups of enemies. They take a while to set up, but they’ll explode much more quickly than grenades or even the Bolt Thrower’s attachable mines. His TMP submachine isn’t the strongest, but it will open up enemies for his quick knife attacks as well as melee finishers.

Similar to other characters, you want to use melee attacks and parries to build up your Mayhem Mode bar quickly. Activating it with Krauser will partially transform him for a limited time and cause his arms to mutate into large blades. He moves much slower while it’s active, but his basic combo attacks will easily kill basic enemies with one swipe. A longer-reaching Stinger attack can also be used at the expense of losing time with his transformed state. Prioritize using this when you’re surrounded by a lot of enemies to rack up combos and points fast.

Between his weapons and his Mayhem Ability, Krauser is a menace on any stage. Use both his mutated state and explosive arrows to clear crowds or get yourself out of any sticky situations. If you don’t have access to either, try not to leave yourself surrounded with only the TMP. Once an A rank has been achieved with him, you’ll receive a notification about Hunk being available to play.

Hunk’s Loadout in RE4 Remake Mercenaries

How to unlock Hunk in RE4 Mercenaries.

Hunk might be a more difficult character to play for some as he only comes with one gun. What’s unique about him is his neck-snapping headshot melee finisher, which can instantly kill some elite enemies and prevent any Las Plagas transformations. His Mayhem Mode ability is where the fun really begins as it gives him unlimited ammo for its entire duration. There’s no need to reload during this time so just go wild with his LE 5. Here is his loadout:

  • 1x LE 5
  • 1x Boot Knife
  • 3x Hand Grenade
  • 1x First Aid Spray
  • 160x Submachine Gun Ammo

That covers everything you need to know about how to unlock Hunk in Resident Evil 4 remake Mercenaries. His play style is unique, but certainly fun in a challenging way. If you end up enjoying how it feels to have never-ending ammunition, it’s good to remember that you can have infinite ammo weapons in the main story as well.