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Pikmin 4 99% Sun-Speckled Terrace Guide: Hidden Treasure

Looking to get past 99% completion in the Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace? Pikmin 4 is finally out, and there are loads of goals to tackle with your Pikmin. Players are tasked with searching through several sprawling stages for treasures, castaways, and more. With the help of your faithful Pikmin and your dog-like companion, Oatchi, you’ll have to survive the dangers from the environment as well as various dangerous creatures that would love to prey on both you and the Pikmin, while completing missions and side quests to improve both you and Oatchi’s abilities. Some side quests involve retrieving 100% of the items on any given map, including treasures.

How to Find the Hidden Treasure

While most of the treasures are relatively easy to find (they’ll appear plainly in the world, or on the map) some are a little trickier to hunt down. They won’t appear on the map, and the only hints to their location are the Treasure Gauge (if you’ve purchased it from Russ) and Oatchi’s miraculous sense of smell. The Treasure Gauge can help if you’re already in the general vicinity, but if you’re down to the last piece of treasure in the area, Oatchi’s sense of smell is the way to go. 

Command Oatchi to sniff out some treasure, and he’ll lead you right to it. Of course, that can be a bit trickier if you haven’t cleared out every other cave or treasure in the level, but we can tell you exactly where to find it so you can check it off your to-do list.

How to Get 100% on Sun-Speckled Terrace (Pikmin 4)

First, you need to at least locate Russ in one of the early caves you come across. Finding him is part of the main story, so you’ll likely locate him in your first few days in the Sun-Speckled Terrace. He unlocks the ability to convert Raw Material into dirt to complete bridges or climbing walls. Next, head to the incomplete bridge in the pictures below, it can be found near the second landing site, known as the Rugged Scaffold.

Next, you’ll need at least 39 pieces of Raw Material, the blue flakes found throughout the level. There’s even a few piles of the precious resource located near the bridge, which we’ve marked with the yellow and red in-game pins on the map below.

Once the bridge is complete, head across and take a right, to the location in the picture below. It looks like a dead end, but if you toss your Pikmin in the vicinity, or have Oatchi charge forward, they’ll likely start to dig – use our screenshots for reference if you’re having trouble finding it.

After a short while, the formerly-buried potato is now free, and you’ve found the trickiest treasure in the Sun-Speckled Terrace. You’ll need at least 7 Pikmin (or Oatchi and 4 Pikmin) to carry it back to your base.