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Overwatch 2: How to Unlock New Hero Achievement Sprays

How to complete your collection of pixel and cute sprays!

Achievement Sprays have been a part of Overwatch since its original launch in 2016. These cosmetics exist for each Hero and are unlocked for completing specific tasks or using their abilities in unique ways. With the launch of Overwatch 2 comes three new Heroes and with them, two new Achievement Sprays each. So, how do you unlock the new Hero Sprays?

NOTE: All sprays can be unlocked in Quick Play or Competitive game modes in Overwatch 2.

Kiriko Pixel Spray (Overwatch 2 Achievement Sprays)

Overwatch 2 Achievement Sprays: Kiriko Pixel

Kiriko’s Pixel Spray is unlocked by completing the “Purified” achievement. This requires you to cleanse 5 negative effects with a single use of Kiriko’s Protection Suzu. This one will take some time as many of the parameters are out of your control.

Protection Suzu is an AoE ability that cleanses teammates and grants invulnerability. Being in a situation where you are near to/having enough teammates affected by debuffs will be rare; however, Heroes can be affected by multiple debuffs at once. Additionally, the enemy team’s composition will also dictate how successful you can be in getting this done. If your enemies aren’t inflicting debuffs, then there aren’t any debuffs to cleanse. 

Your best opportunities will come when playing against a good Junker Queen, or a Sombra/Mei Ultimate that hits your team, but not you. You’ll likely go through a lot of trial and error to get this done, but playing close to teammates and using communication will go a long way to helping you unlock this spray.

Abilities that can be cleansed:

Ana – Biotic Grenade | Sleep Dart

Ashe – Dynamite

Junker Queen – Rampage | Any Applied Wounds

Mei- Blizzard

Reinhardt- Earthshatter

Sombra- Hack

Kiriko Cute Spray

Overwatch 2 Achievement Sprays: Kiriko Cute

Kiriko’s Cute Spray is unlocked by completing the “Yokai” achievement. This requires you to restore 1500 health and land 5 critical hits without dying. You’ll need to play cautiously and pick your opportunities to strike enemies without becoming too overzealous.

Kiriko’s Primary fire is a talisman that heals teammates. Her Secondary fire is a kunai that damages enemies. You’ll need to alternate between each, depending on the situation, while staying alive to rack up enough healing and critical hits. Each talisman heals for 13HP and Kiriko can fire a burst, healing for 26HP. As for the damage, you should focus fire on tank characters, as their critical hitboxes are larger. Just remember to stay behind your teammates and pick your shots carefully to unlock this spray.

Overwatch 2 Achievement Sprays – Junker Queen Pixel Spray

Junker Queen’s Pixel Spray is unlocked by completing the “Adrenaline Junkie” achievement. This requires you to have 7 wounds active on enemies simultaneously. You’ll most likely need to play a good amount of Junker Queen to get used to her combos and get the timing right.

Luckily, most of Junker Queen’s abilities inflict wounds. So most of the work will be on timing your attack and learning how to combo her abilities effectively. Wait for the enemy team to be grouped up and unleash your combo, starting with your Ultimate Ability, Rampage. This is an AoE attack, where Junker Queen charges forward damaging all enemies in front of her, inflicting wounds and preventing healing. If you manage to hit the majority of the enemy team with this, you are in a good spot. Quickly, follow this initial attack with Carnage, which swings your axe at any enemies in front of you dealing even more damage and wounds. Finally, use either your Jagged Blade melee passive on a close enemy, or your Jagged Blade projectile to hit a fleeing enemy for one more wound. If done quickly enough and with enough enemies hit from your initial flurry, this spray should be all yours.

Junker Queen Cute Spray

Junker Queen’s Cute Spray is unlocked by completing the “Coup De Gracie” achievement. This requires you to use Jagged Blade and Carnage to pull and kill an enemy. Similar to “Adrenaline Junkie”, you’ll need to learn the timing of this combo to successfully pull it off.

The enemy you choose to eliminate with this combo is just as important as learning the combo itself. You’ll want to focus on a squishy enemy with low movement, or in other words an easy kill that can’t just run away after you pull them in with Jagged Blade. As alluded to, this combo starts by using the Jagged Blade projectile to hit and pull the enemy in close. Immediately activate Carnage to swing your axe on them, hopefully sending them back to spawn and unlocking this spray.

Overwatch 2 Achievement Sprays: Sojourn Pixel Spray

Sojourn’s Pixel Spray is unlocked by completing the “On The Move” achievement. This requires you to kill an enemy with a charged Railgun headshot, while sliding. You’ll need a bit of luck and some understanding of Sojourn’s mechanics to do this properly.

Sojourn’s Railgun charges based on damage dealt to enemies, so you’ll want to focus on getting your Railgun fully charged before attempting this. Once fully charged, you need to slide and try to headshot them with your secondary fire. It is recommended that you target a more squishy opponent, rather than a tank, but any low health enemy will do. Be patient as you probably won’t be hitting a headshot while sliding on your first try. As long as you are outputting enough damage, you should get plenty of tries at this per match. Additionally, Overclock auto-charges your Railgun, giving you even more chances to try to unlock this spray.

Sojourn Cute Spray

Overwatch 2 Achievements: Cute Spray (Sojourn)

Sojourn’s Cute Spray is unlocked by completing the “Taking Charge” achievement. This requires you to get 4 killing blows with Sojourn’s Ultimate, Overclock. This one is perhaps not as difficult as it seems, but is dependent on your aim and situational awareness.

Overclock is a buff that causes Sojourn’s Railgun to auto-charge for a limited time. You want to activate this in the heat of a battle. Once active, your Railgun shots will continue to be charged and also be able to pierce through multiple enemies. But, it is important to note that you don’t specifically have to get the kills with your Railgun, as you can also use the primary fire during your Ultimate. Overclock only lasts for 9 seconds so focus on hitting headshots to deal extra damage and pick off squishy enemies quickly enough to unlock this spray.