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Overwatch 2: Best Tank Heroes Tier List

The best tanks for a newly shifted Overwatch 2 meta.

Overwatch 2 has been out for close to a week now, meaning players have been able to actually play it for a couple of days. With how drastically the tank role has shifted after the move to single tank, players may be finding that their usual tank just isn’t performing the same for them. After spending some time with each one, here are Overwatch 2‘s best tanks.

S Tier – Who Are The Best Overwatch 2 Tanks?

Doomfist, one of Overwatch 2's best tanks.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. As she is such a new hero, she seems overpowered and hasn’t been nerfed since the beta. She heals over time, and most of the tanks don’t have the ability to heal themselves bar a few. Her damage with her Jagged Blade and Carnage is unparalleled for a tank. Her Commanding Shout is very powerful as it increases her health for her and her allies. The amount of health she gets makes her practically unkillable. Her ultimate stops enemies from being healed if they get hit, and deals damage over time, an incredibly powerful combination.


Doomfist is a very powerful tank due to his crowd control and an incredible amount of damage despite being a tank. With his rocket punch, if the enemy hits the wall, his damage is increased. He is able to block frontal attacks now in Overwatch 2, which empowers his Rocket Punch and allows him to do more damage. Not only this, but he is incredibly mobile due to his abilities, so he has fantastic map control.

However, he can be difficult to learn how to play, and people may find themselves struggling with the learning curve that comes with learning Doomfist.


D.Va is a fantastic mobile tank to play with and has great map control due to her mobility, as she can speed around the map using her boosters which allow her to fly in any direction. Her micro missiles are also very powerful, along with her fusion cannons. Her damage has increased since being in Overwatch 2. However, her ult can be difficult to use and easy for the enemy team to dodge. 

A Tier – Overwatch Best Tanks

Overwatch 2 Zarya


Zarya is a strong tank right now as she received a number of buffs. Because of this, she is more of a bruiser tank now, so she can now take on the enemy team to get energy by shielding herself and a teammate. Her ultimate can be a little bit tricky to aim, but once you have it down you can easily get a team kill with it or leave them defenseless and steamroll them. 

The only issue with Zarya is that she isn’t able to attack high-mobility heroes such as Pharah or Echo as she doesn’t have enough range on her weapon to hit them. 


Reinhardt is one of the most commonly used tanks and for good reason. His shield is incredibly strong and can block a lot of damage, and due to the way the camera works, it allows him to have a lot of spatial awareness. Not only this, but Reinhardt’s shield can block ultimates depending on how much damage his shield has taken. For example, a full shield can block D.Va’s ultimate.

His damage is also pretty powerful, as when he swings his hammer he can often block people into corners and kill them pretty easily. His charge can be pretty unruly to get used to, but overall it’s great once you have figured out how to use it and not throw yourself off of the edge.

B Tier – Overwatch 2 Tanks

Overwatch 2 best tanks


Sigma is a complicated hero that people may struggle to play. He converts projectiles into shields using Kinetic Grasp which may be difficult for some people to get used to depending on where the attack is happening. Accretion is a slight charge ability too, as he has to gather up the debris to toss at someone. His ultimate can be used really well to debilitate the enemy team.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is a highly mobile hero that can be a lot of fun to play, but his damage has been significantly nerfed since being brought back to Overwatch 2. His contact damage whilst rolling no longer does as much as players would hope. However, he can still do a lot of damage by swinging around using his Grappling Hook ability and charging around the place.

Before, Wrecking Ball was a useful tank due to his crowd control. However, now that is taken away, it makes him a bit of a slightly less useful tank. Despite this, he has a significant amount of health which makes him one hell of a bruiser when it comes to team fights, and he has a lot of sustainability in those fights, especially with his Adaptive Shield. 


Orisa is incredibly strong right now and has experienced a massive rework since being in Overwatch 2. Orisa is one of the only remaining heroes who has crowd control left in the game, as most of it has now been taken out of the game. Her Energy Javelin can be thrown to stun and knock a hero back, and it is more effective if they hit a wall. Her fortification ability has also since changed and grants her temporary health and reduces all damage taken. Not only this but her weapon won’t generate as much heat, so it won’t overheat as quickly. 

Her shield no longer exists and instead, she spins a javelin which blocks projectiles and melee attacks and can push enemies forward while increasing her own movement speed. Whilst this is a fantastic ability, it can be really tricky to learn how to use it, making Orisa’s skill ceiling higher than it ever was before. 

Her ultimate is now completely different as well; she now sweeps enemies in and anchors them to the floor, fortifying her in the process. This can be a difficult ultimate to time, as it has a charge-up on it, and you can also re-press your ultimate button to release the ultimate early. Because of all of these changes, players who may have been used to the old Orisa will find her significantly different to play and will have to relearn how to play her, while new players will have to get used to the skill level of the hero.

C Tier – Overwatch 2 Tanks


Winston is a good well-rounded tank with a good shield that can mitigate a lot of damage through fights, but overall doesn’t deal a lot of damage himself. He now has a secondary fire which can be good and deal 50 damage when fully charged, but can be hard to aim. His damage is consistent when enemies are inside the range of his primary Tesla cannon fire, but again it doesn’t deal that much damage and can easily be healed over. 

Winston is a great tank to learn as a first-time tank player and can be a good tank to learn if you want to branch into learning others over time. Overall though, he isn’t that useful damage-wise, and his only redeeming quality is his shield and his ultimate.


Roadhog is a good tank purely because of the amount of health he has and his self-healing. But, realistically that is most of what he has going for him. Roadhog requires a high skill level due to his hook ability. The hook can be difficult to aim due to the unpredictability of the enemy and the shallow range of the attack. His weapon also doesn’t do that much damage, primary or secondary fire, so a lot of it is just his ability to stay alive and contest points when needed. That being said, his ultimate now is very powerful and good at keeping people away, as the knockback can keep going and going.