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Overwatch 2: Best Support Heroes (Healers) Tier List

The best healers to satiate that annoying Genji spamming “I need healing!”

Overwatch 2 has just recently been released, and there have been a lot of changes across the different classes. One of the classes, support, has had a new hero added just before release. Her name is Kiriko, and she functions more or less as a DPS-healer hybrid. Because of these changes, it’s meant that a lot more experimentation has been allowed to happen, and players have been allowed to find new healers and support heroes to enjoy that they may not have enjoyed in Overwatch that they now enjoy in Overwatch 2. 

Overwatch 2 Best Healers: S Tier

Moira, one of Overwatch 2's best healers.


Moira is one of the top-tier healers in the game, as not only can she heal with two forms of healing through her biotic energy. She can either expend it to heal allies or extract it using biotic grasp and damage others with her secondary fire. She also has her orbs, which can damage or heal depending on whether you use the yellow or purple orb. Because of this, she is a very powerful hero. She can phase through existence which can aid her to avoid abilities and attacks. Her ultimate can heal and damage at the same time, so it can be very useful to use at the right moment. 

That being said, her heals can run out when using the biotic energy, and won’t fill a tank’s full health bar. 


Ana is a fantastic healer with a lot of strong heals and works well as a primary healer due to the strength of her heals. To be able to play Ana, though, you have to be able to aim and snipe both your teammates and the enemy. She also has a very handy grenade that can disable the enemies’ healing while being able to increase the potency of teammates’ healing. 

Ana has the ability to change the playing field with her sleep dart too, as it can stop an ulting Genji from killing the entire team and protect everyone in the long run, allowing the team to continue pushing safely. Not only this, but her ultimate is incredibly strong if she uses it on the right person. If they are nano-boosted and use their ultimate in conjunction they could wipe out their entire team and push to victory very easily.

One of the key problems with Ana is her having to focus on sniping. It means she may not be focused on the space around her, and it’s very easy to take her out because of this. It is hard to play Ana and have enough spatial awareness of everything going on around you while continuing to snipe everyone. 

A Tier – Overwatch 2 Best Healers

Mercy, one of Overwatch 2's A-tier healers.


Lucio is a well-loved healer, and for a lot of reasons. His mobility helps him have a lot of map control, and due to his abilities it allows him to have AoE heals which can nicely top off his team as a secondary healer whilst someone else is the primary healer. 

Not only this, but he can use his sound wave to potentially knock heroes off the edge of the map which can be a life-saving mechanic. His ult can also be powerful and shield players in clutch situations. 

Although he has a variety of great abilities, his heals aren’t the strongest so only use him as a secondary healer for the best results.


Whilst being one of the most mobile healers in the game, she has a lot of flaws that makes her an A-tier healer rather than an S-tier. Her heals are incredibly strong, and she is great at healing tanks, more so than the rest. However, she has experienced a lot of reworks and nerfs over the years which have carried over to Overwatch 2. She can fly in any direction which makes her incredibly mobile and hard to catch. However, she is incredibly squishy, and reviving as Mercy can be one of the hardest tasks to carry out. Depending on where the dead teammate is, it may be in a very precarious position where Mercy risks dying to save another team member. 


Kiriko is the newest support to join the roster. Like Moira, she has two weapons of choice. She can heal with talismans, but her heals are very weak and can be difficult to get used to which is why she isn’t as high on the list. Despite this, she has very useful supportive abilities, such as her Swift Step which allows her to teleport to an ally and can give her the opportunity to heal in clutch situations. Not only this, but her Protection Suzu can be great against certain ultimates as it allows allies to be cleansed of certain effects and become invulnerable temporarily. 

However, due to her incredible DPS power with her kunai, she is an A tier. Her kunai deals critical damage, which makes her DPS very strong for a support. Her ultimate is also pretty powerful, as it allows increased movement speed, attack speed and cooldowns of allies who follow the Kitsune she has unleashed. 

B Tier – Overwatch 2 Best Healers


Baptiste is a great healer for a lot of his abilities, but whilst his heals can be strong, they have a very long cooldown. This can be detrimental considering a lot of the time tanks will need continuous healing to be able to be on the frontline. He has other abilities that allows him to mitigate damage such as his Immortality Field, but sometimes it simply isn’t enough. However, if he teams with another strong healer and effectively uses Amplification Matrix, it can allow for really strong heals across the board.  His projectiles are also good at healing, but not the most accurate and serve better for AoE healing. 

Overall, Baptiste is a good well-rounded healer and has some good DPS too, but doesn’t always serve the situation.


Brigitte is a strong support as she counts as a baby-tank and has a bit of crowd control to go with it. She is very aggressive and can stand up to most of the DPS and tanks of the group if she is played right. Her heals are useful and frequent, but they don’t last long. If she is played aggressively, her damage heals other allies. The main problem with Brigitte is that she can be very situational as a healer, and is dependent on the rest of the team she is working with. She is dependent on the different tanks and the other healer she is working with to be able to work at her best. This is why she fits into the B category. Whilst her heals are good, if played on the backline or constantly dying on the frontline, Brigitte doesn’t get much of a chance to show off her true strength as a support. 

Overwatch 2 Best Healers: C Tier

Zenyatta, a character who is not quite one of Overwatch's best healers.


Zenyatta is the worst healer on the list at the moment. Whilst he is consistent, his heals are very weak as a support. They can stay on the ally as long as they are alive, but they take a long time to fill the full health bar, so it doesn’t give enough time to heal other allies who are in need of health. It is a hard balance for Zenyatta. He can make the enemies take more damage using his Orb of Discord while dealing damage with his primary fire. His ultimate is the best part of his kit, as during a clutch moment he can use Transcendence to keep everyone safe and alive by healing everyone to full and making them invulnerable for a time. 

Overall though, Zenyatta is the weakest pick of the bunch, simply due to the slow speeds of his healing.