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Best Wonder Woman MultiVersus Combos, Strategies, & Perks

The best ways to protect allies and defeat enemies as the Amazon warrior.

Wonder Woman is the Amazon’s greatest defender, and one of the Justice League’s greatest assets. Now, in MultiVersusshe’s one of the greatest warriors in the multiverse. Wonder Woman is a formidable fighter who can hold her own against any other characters on the MultiVersus roster. However, the real key to success with Wonder Woman is using her various buffs to your team’s advantage.

Wonder Woman MultiVersus Moveset Overview

Wonder Woman charging her bracers attack.

Wonder Woman has a basic yet versatile set of attacks at her disposal. Most of these are close range moves, utilizing Wonder Woman’s sword & shield. However, her whip provides some range to draw enemies back towards her. In addition, her shield can help provide valuable protection to allies.

  • Neutral Ground Attack: Wonder Woman charges a sword slash. This slash can be charged to deal heavy damage and knockback to any enemies who are hit by it.
  • Side Ground Attack: Wonder Woman uses both her sword and shield in this basic three-hit combo. Not a very groundbreaking or exciting move, but good for tacking damage onto enemies.
  • Up Ground Attack: Wonder Woman charges an overhead swipe to hit opponents in an arc above her. Not incredibly powerful, but can be a good finishing move on high-damage opposition.
  • Down Ground Attack: For this attack, Wonder Woman charges an area-based attack by clashing her bracers together. The move also gains power with Wonder Woman’s Bracer Meter. This meter is charged by blocking projectiles with Wonder Woman’s shield or absorbing hits while armored. This attack also provides temporary armor to Wonder Woman and any allies in the range.
  • Neutral Air Attack: Wonder Woman slashes quickly on both sides of her. This attack breaks armor, and is a great choice for building up early damage. It also acts as a way to break armor of characters who may spam powerful, armored attacks like Shaggy or Superman.
  • Side Air Attack: A quick forward slash. The speed and damage of this move makes it a great option to approach enemies with.
  • Up Air Attack: An upwards kick. Comes out slowly, but has great knockout potential at high percentages.
  • Down Air Attack: A quick, downwards stab. It can’t be charged, but its speed still makes this move one worth trying to connect on opponents.
  • Neutral Special: Wonder Woman uses her whip to bring opponents back towards her. There is also a Signature Perk, Whip of Hephaestus, to give the lasso a knockback sweet spot. Also has a cooldown.
  • Side Special: Wonder Woman charges forward with her shield in front. The shield blocks any incoming projectiles to charge the Bracer Meter. In addition, the input can be held to keep the shield up for a given period of time. In the air, this move becomes a punch. The aerial punch has similar knockback and damage. However, the aerial version offers no protection.
  • Up Special: Wonder Woman gets a short burst of movement upward and strikes with her shield. The quick startup of this move makes it great to get damage on airborne opponents. The input can also be held to allow allies to use the shield as a platform.
  • Down Special: Armor is provided to all allies in range. This attack also cleanses any debuffs on Wonder Woman & her allies. Like the lasso, this attack also has a cooldown.

Best Wonder Woman MultiVersus Combos

Wonder Woman using her up special.

Wonder Woman’s moveset allows for some basic combos. She is, though, one of the weaker combo characters on the roster. After applying her armor, she can aggressively chase her opposition with these strings of attacks.

  • Down Air, Up Special, Up Air: First, use Wonder Woman’s quick Down Air to bounce your foe off the ground. After this, you can instantly follow up with an Up Special. Finally, finish off the combo with her Up Air to get maximum damage and knockback. Depending on your positioning, you might even be able to use the spike hitbox that Up Air has.
  • Side Ground Attack (2 hits), Up Special, Up Air: Pretty similar to the first listed combo, but starting from the ground instead.
  • Down Air, Neutral Air: Another combo reliant on Down Air. This time, after the inital hit, you can instead utilize Neutral Air to keep your opponent closer to the ground.

How to Win 2v2 Battles As Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman and Cake the Cat on a victory screen.

Wonder Woman shines as a team player. Many of her attacks provide armor for herself. However, these can also be utilized to give protection to her teammates. Her Down Special lets her and her team gain temporary armor. In addition, her Side Special lets her block projectiles from the opposition. Because her utility is so flexible, she can honestly be an effective partner for most of the game’s roster. It is likely best, though, to choose someone with a high damage output.

It can also serve Wonder Woman players well to pair with a projectile based character, like Tom & Jerry or Bugs Bunny. Wonder Woman can protect these players and allow them to use their attacks quickly and efficiently. In exchange, projectile characters can help Wonder Woman rack up damage faster than her lackluster combo game allows. Then, Wonder Woman can use her powerful knockback from a move like Down Air or Side Special. After all, that’s a strategy employed by the current best MultiVersus duo, VoiD and Nakat.

How to Win 1v1 Battles As Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman triumphantly posing.

Singles as Wonder Woman can be a bit trickier. Without a teammate to help increase damage, it’s harder for Wonder Woman to get a knockout on her opponent. But thanks to her impressive durability, she has plenty of time to try and rack up damage numbers.

A major key to success will be trying to connect with Wonder Woman’s Down Air Attack. This is her best combo starter, and can lead to pretty much any of her aerials. The first hits of her Side Ground Attack can start attack strings as well. These combo starters and effective use of Wonder Woman’s defensive skills and armor will be your ticket to victory in 1v1 battles.

Best Wonder Woman Perks – MultiVersus

Wonder Woman’s optimal perks will change a little bit, depending on whether you’re playing one-on-one or teams battles. In one-on-one, you’ll want to enhance Wonder Woman’s offense a little bit. In Teams, though, you’ll want to maximize her utility and defense instead.

Wonder Woman on the 1v1 Perk Selection Screen.

Best Wonder Woman Perks (1v1)

  • Kryptonian Skin (unlocked at level 2)
  • Coffeezilla (unlocked at level 4)
  • Percussive Punch Power (able to train at level 9)
  • Signature Perk: Whip of Hephaestus (unlocked at level 8)

Kryptonian Skin will help increase Wonder Woman’s survivability even more. Coffeezilla will help reduced the cooldown of Wonder Woman’s special moves. Training Percussive Punch Power will help Wonder Woman kill earlier, a skill that will be very valuable in singles matches. Finally, Whip of Hephaestus gives Wonder Woman a knockback sweet spot on her whip, which will also help you knockout enemies earlier.

Wonder Woman 2v2 Perk Selection Screen.

Best Wonder Woman Perks (Teams)

  • Coffeezilla (unlocked at level 4)
  • I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge (can be trained at level 9)
  • Absorb ‘n’ Go (can be trained at level 9)
  • Signature Perk: Whip of Hephaestus (unlocked at level 8)

In contrast, Wonder Woman’s Teams loadout of perks focuses exclusively on cooldowns. I Dodge… reduces cooldowns by 10%. This stacks with Absorb ‘n’ Go, which rewards you with a 7% cooldown refund after being hit with a projectile. The effectiveness of this perk may vary depending on your opponent. If your opponent doesn’t have projectiles at your disposal, try swapping Absorb ‘n’ Go with a different one. Triple Jump would be a good one to utilize. Finally, keep using Whip of Hephaestus as the signature perk.

Wonder Woman Changes In Season 1

Two Wonder Women on the MultiVersus training stage.

Wonder Woman has mostly gotten nothing but buffs throughout Season 1. Her combo game won’t be getting many improvements. However, her blocking utility and durability have been getting new improvements to enhance her playstyle:

  • Neutral Special: Cooldown reduced to 12 seconds (was 13).
  • Side Special (Ground): Projectile shield activates sooner to allow for better reaction time.
  • Weight increased by 11.

Wonder Woman is one of the most approachable characters on the MultiVersus roster. Focusing more on durability and utility than combos and speed, her armor and blocking makes her a great teammate for damage focused teammates. However, she’ll really shine with players who maximize the use of her armor and long survival.