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Infection Free Zone Update Patch Notes Apr 15

Infection Free Zone entered Early Access on April 11, 2024, and has released its third update on April 15. The complete patch notes for it are included below.


Infection Free Zone Update Patch Notes Apr 19


Bugfix Update #3 – No Story Mode, Balance, Metal Towers fix

Greetings, Survivors!

Thank you for playing Infection Free Zone! We are introducing a number of changes based on your feedback to improve the game. Today we are releasing a new update to the Default branch. We have heard your feedback about the transmissions interrupting the gameplay too much, and for those of you, who want to focus on pure gameplay, we are introducing the No Story Mode.



  • No Story Mode has been added to the game - you can play the game without transmissions interrupting your gameplay now,
  • New Van cars have been added,
  • Vehicle repair time has been unified,
  • Vehicle movement logic and the way they turn back have been updated,
  • The damage of the hordes in the water has been reduced by 50%,
  • The building adaptation and repair time has been decreased by 50%,
  • An issue with workers getting stuck in metal towers has been fixed,
  • An issue with weather becoming wrongly calculated after longer sessions of gameplay has been fixed,
  • An issue with Raiders going through the walls has been fixed,
  • An issue with the Tank Truck moving faster than intended has been fixed,
  • An issue with an error appearing after finishing deconstruction has been fixed.


Our current focus:

The biggest issue that we are currently aware of is the save files going corrupted after longer sessions of gameplay. We are extremely thankful for the huge number of Bug Reports with this issue, as it will make it easier for us to analyze them and find the source of this problem.
Water - we are working on changing the Hordes' pathing prioritization to discourage them from moving through the water and encourage them to move through the nearby roads more.
Other than that, we track all the reviews and feedback to decide on the other changes that should come to the game first. Dealing with bug fixes and performance is of the highest importance for us right now. Thank you for playing Infection Free Zone. We appreciate such a huge interest, even though we just released the game in Early Access.

Best regards,
Jutsu Games Team


Infection Free Zone Update Patch Notes Apr 13


That’s all in the patch notes on April 15 for Infection Free Zone on Steam PC.

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