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High on Life Jetpack Guide: Where to Get the Jetpack

Get even higher with this handy item!

High on Life puts you into the shoes a of high school graduate who becomes the Earth’s one chance at survival, using gear like talking guns & even a jetpack to fight aliens. During this quest to save the Earth, you’ll encounter many odd characters and talking weapons as you become a bounty hunter in space. One of the best pieces of equipment to find in the game is the jetpack. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get your hands on the useful item.

Where is the Jetpack in High on Life?

Where & how to get the Jetpack in High on Life.

The Jetpack can be obtained by visiting the pawn shop. You just need enough money to buy it. The process of finding the jetpack in High on Life starts with defeating two bounty targets, Douglas and Kubris. Completing these bounties will trigger dialogue from Gene telling you to get a jetpack. You’ll then want to head to the pawn shop and purchase the jetpack reservation ticket. That’s right, you buy a reservation ticket as opposed to outright buying it and equipping it.

After buying the reservation ticket, you’re going to want to head back to your room at home and sleep after talking to Gene about the status of your jetpack. After this sleep, you’ll eventually wake up on the roof equipped with your newly purchased jetpack. Take it out for a test ride & see how it works! However, you’ll want to be a bit careful of a known glitch.

High on Life: The Jetpack Glitch & How to Avoid it

One thing that players should be aware of is a known game-breaking bug involving the jetpack in High on Life. Once a player gets the jetpack, it’s possible for them to get stuck in their room if they fall off the roof while initially using the jetpack. This glitch traps players in their room and prevents them from getting back to the roof. To avoid the glitch, it’s best that you don’t fall of the roof of the house while using the jetpack.