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How to Start a Motorcycle Club in GTA Online

Learn how to acquire a home base for your motorcycle club.

One of the most important features in GTA Online is owning property.  In a lot of cases, it is a necessity. Property is needed to sell goods and complete heists. It’s also necessary to start if you want to run an organization or motorcycle club. In this guide, you’ll find out how to start a motorcycle club in GTA Online.

How to Start a Motorcycle Club in GTA Online

GTA Online Internet Website

The only way to start a motorcycle club in GTA Online is to buy a clubhouse. To buy one, open the internet app on your phone in-game and go to the Money and Services tab and click on the Maze Bank foreclosure website.

GTA Online Purchase Motorcycle Club

Here, click on clubhouses to see every purchasable clubhouse on the map. Select the one you’re interested in and you’ll be taken to another menu.

GTA Online Motorcycle Clubhouse Renovation

On this screen, you’ll choose how you want to customize your clubhouse. Each of these options will cost you money in addition to what you’ll pay for the clubhouse. These include choosing your club’s emblem, the style of the clubhouse interior, and even a gun locker for your weapon stash. When you’re ready, hit the purchase button and the club is all yours.

Things to do in the Clubhouse

GTA Online Clubhouse Interior

Once you’ve purchased a clubhouse, you’ll earn the ability to complete Clubhouse Contracts. These are random missions that’ll appear on the clubhouse noticeboard and can only be started from the clubhouse. You’ll also have the option to earn some extra cash from the bar inside. To keep the cash flowing, however, you’ll need to resupply it every once in a while. If you get bored, you can arm wrestle members of your motorcycle club or sit on the couch and watch TV.

Perhaps the most convenient feature of the clubhouse is that it comes with a room to sleep in meaning you can use the place as a spawn point. This will allow you to immediately jump into any motorcycle club activities as soon as you log onto GTA Online.