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Ghostrunner 2 First Boss Guide: How to Beat Ahriman in GR2

Having trouble figuring out how to beat the first boss in Ghostrunner 2? Ghostrunner 2 turns up the notch with its electrifying combat and parkour. Set in a cyberpunk world, the game has all the elements to make it a brutal experience. This includes a wide variety of bosses that are definitely a challenge to defeat. The first boss you will encounter is Ahriman, and he is definitely not easy to beat, especially if you aren’t used to the combat. But, with time and patience, you definitely can beat him. So, let’s take a look at how you can defeat Ahriman in Ghostrunner 2.

Ghostrunner 2 First Boss Guide: Ahriman Tips and Tricks

Ahriman has two phases in his attack. In the first phase, he will use sword sweeps and slashes, which you can easily dodge with the help of the Dash button. He will also teleport when coming onto his attacks as well as use projectiles. You can easily predict this as he takes a lot of time. He also stabs his sword into the ground to release a shockwave. You can dodge this by jumping above it. Touching the shockwave will cause instant death. During this phase, you will have to attack him as much as you can, but only when you see a proper opportunity. 

After he loses a bit of health, he will push you back, and a cutscene will start. Then, an unknown person, who reveals himself to be Bakunin later on, comes out with a jetpack to help you. Then Ahriman’s second phase starts. His attacks are quite the same, albeit much more frequent. He also jumps and teleports much more quickly. One of his devastating attacks is creating a big red barrier all over the fighting area. The only way to avoid this is by grappling onto Bakunin, who is roaming above you two.

 Attacking will be a bit easier in this phase, but Ahriman will quickly move away after you hit a few strikes. During this time, you can call on Bakunin to electrocute him, and then you can strike him a few times again. Continue with this, and he will be easily defeated.

So, that is everything you need to know about beating the first boss, Ahriman, in Ghostrunner 2. The game is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.