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Fortnite My Hero Academia Week 2 Quests Guide

As another week passes, a new slew of My Hero Academia quests have also unlocked in Fortnite! Once again, you’ll receive All Might’s cape for completing 8 of these, so let’s show you how to knock them out so you can earn a new back bling. Here’s how to complete the My Hero Academia Week 2 Quests.

Need some review on the first week of My Hero Academia challenges? Check out our Week 1 Fortnite My Hero quest guide!

How to Eliminate Opponents While Standing in Snow or on Ice

All My Hero week 2 quests.

This quest is a fun reference to Shoto Todoroki, the half-ice, half-fire hero from My Hero Academia. The first step is pretty simple, but it is a two part quest so we’ll break it down here. First, as with all other quests, I recommend jumping into Team Rumble for this week’s quests. Focus your landing on the frozen section of the map, especially on points of interest like Brutal Bastion or Lonely Lab. 

If the storm centers around the northern frozen section of the island, you’ll be sure to eliminate someone and complete the first part of this challenge. If this quest is your only goal, then feel free to return to the lobby and start a new Team Rumble, there are no penalties for leaving.

My Hero Academia Fortnite Quests: How to Destroy 10 Structures with Fire

The second part is a stark contrast and requires players to destroy 10 structures with fire. As you play, keep an eye out for gas canisters, fireflies, or flame bows. All of these can be used to set fire to your surroundings and, as the fire spreads, you’ll be sure to rack up the 10 structures required. An easy way to complete this part of the quest is to land at the houses on the southeast edge of the island. 

This cul de sac contains three houses all of which contain gas canisters in their garages. Shoot them to set them off and watch as the flames spread and complete this challenge for you.

Emote within 25 Meters of an Opponent – My Hero Academia Week 2 Quests

Emote close to an opponent in this Fortnite My Hero Academia challenge in Week 2.

Much like All Might in My Hero Academia, a hero has to announce their presence to strike fear into evildoers and to inspire hope in the civilians in danger. This quest has you doing exactly that! Once again, jump into Team Rumble and land near the first opponent you can find. Since gliders auto-deploy much lower to the ground in Team Rumble, you’ll be sure to get the drop on them with some sweet dance moves. 

As the storm closes near the end of the match, things will get progressively more chaotic and players will be forced into closer proximity, so you’ll definitely be able to activate an emote. Using it for even one moment counts, so don’t worry about surviving the attempt.

How to Run 1000 Meters While Under the Effect of Slap

Sometimes, being a hero means knowing when to run and get help from the right person for the job, as the speedster Tenya Iida once learned. It’s only appropriate to include a quest commemorating that important lesson! Slap is a new substance introduced in Chapter 4 that gives players unlimited stamina for a short amount of time, allowing them to sprint to their heart’s content. 

Along with the sports drink, there’s also a named location based around it, Slappy Shores! Much like the Slurp Factory in Chapter 2, this area is dedicated to the production of Slap. 

Use this slap keg to complete the My Hero Academia Week 2 Fortnite quests.

Unfortunately I was unable to find guaranteed bottles of Slap, but there are several barrels that will grant the effect when destroyed. Simply land at Slappy Shores and destroy a barrel in the large factory on the south side. 

This should turn your stamina bar orange, which denotes the Slap effect, then sprint around the factory until the effect wears off. Repeat until you reach 1000m!

My Hero Academia Week 2 Quests: How to Visit 3 Named Locations

The last quest requires you to visit 3 named locations. You don’t even have to do it in one match! This will likely be completed as you play the game normally, but we’ve got some tips if you want to make it easier. If you can find a Shockwave Hammer it will make traversing the map even easier. Additionally, Team Rumble allows you to redeploy your glider whenever you like, so it makes getting around the map much easier. 

Last, if you really want to just knock this quest out, land at Lonely Lab in the northeast corner of the map, then head to Brutal Bastion and Slappy Shores. They’re pretty close together and there are vehicles and ziplines to speed up the process. Congratulations on completing all these quests! Now you’re a true hero, and you have the cape to prove it!