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Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Fan Club Guide: All Fan Club Locations

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy 7- Reunion is the remaster of the beloved PSP prequel to 1997’s Final Fantasy VII. You play as Zack Fair, who operates as a part of SOLDIER First Class. Throughout your playthrough, you will encounter individuals who align themselves with certain First-Class SOLDIERs. These groups in Crisis Core are called Fan Clubs, and you can join them throughout the game.

Fan Clubs are essential to earning the 100% completion in Crisis Core, as they are required for the trophy titled Fan Club Aficionado. These fan clubs are groups of individuals who focus on their favorite SOLDIER, whether it be Zack, Genesis, or even Sephiroth.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Fan Clubs: Angeal – Keepers of Honor

Where to find the Angeal Fan Club in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion.

Angeal’s fan club is the first one that you will be able to access and interact with. In Chapter 2, you will be presented with the opportunity to explore Midgar in Sector 8.

To find this fan club, you must opt to explore Midgar and head towards the bridge that the train runs under. Talk to the short-haired brunette woman in the group of three and she will prompt you to join the Keepers of Honor. Upon accepting, you will receive an email confirming your status as a member of the fan club.

Genesis – Red Leather & Study Group

Location of the Red Leather fan club in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core.

Genesis has two fan clubs in Crisis Core, which is not surprising for a character that was modeled after GACKT. The first fan club of Genesis’ that you will be able to join is the Red Leather fan club.

To join, you must once again interact with the same group of women that you talked to to join Angeal’s fan club, the Keepers of Honor. The lady with the blonde hair is the one you will want to communicate with here, which will then allow you to receive an invitation to Red Leather.

Where the Study Group is in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core.

Genesis’ second fan club is called the Study Group, which focuses on deciphering and analyzing LOVELESS. To find this fan club, you will find the exact same NPC right on Loveless Avenue. This is located right next to the LOVELESS theatre, which has big bold letters with a title that you surely won’t miss. Simply talk to the woman and she will ask if you would like to join the Study Group fan club.

Sephiroth – Silver Elite (Crisis Core Fan Club Guide)

Sephiroth’s fan club in Crisis Core Reunion is called the Silver Elite. There is only a single opportunity to join Sephiroth’s fan club, which takes place in Chapter 6.

To join the Silver Elite, you will want to travel to the Sector 5 Slums, specifically to the playground. Here, you will find a woman standing behind the slide. Talk to her, and she will tell you that she is a member of the Sephiroth Fan Club. She will quiz you on questions surrounding Sephiroth, so use the answers below to make sure you are inducted as a member. Remember, this is the only chance in the game to join this fan club.

  • The name of Sephiroth’s sword is: Masamune
  • What is Sephiroth’s ultimate attack? Supernova
  • Which is Sephiroth’s dominant hand? His left hand

By answering the above questions with the corresponding answers, you will be invited to join the Silver Elite, a fan club for Sephiroth!

Zack – Zack Fan Club

Zack’s fan club is the hardest to join arguably. You will need to have a conversation before asking to join, otherwise, you will be locked from doing so.

In Chapter 7 right after the Junon minigame, you will need to ride the elevator up to the top of Junon. Here, a cutscene will play with Zack and Cissnei. Make sure you see this conversation happen, as otherwise you will not be allowed to join Zack’s fan club.

After finishing the mission, speak to the consultant sitting on the left at the Shinra desk in the lobby. She will reveal that she is a member of Zack’s fan club and invites Zack to join the fan club.