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F-ZERO 99 Best Machine Guide: What is the Best Car to Use?

Looking to use the best machine in F-ZERO 99? We’ve got you covered with our guide to the car you’re going to want to pilot in your race to the top of the 99-person pack! As of writing, there are 4 different machines available for players to choose from. Here’s how to decide the one that’s best for you!

What is the Best Machine in F-ZERO 99?

The Golden Fox, the best machine in F-Zero 99

In our opinion, the best machine in the game is the Golden Fox. The quick boost charge time is unmatched by any other choice you have, giving you quite a lot of boost to work with every lap. Use this boost to break away from the pack and get a win! The machine has its drawbacks, though, mostly with its vulnerability to collisions. Getting hit by a car or a bad turn into the wall will cause you to bounce around the track like a pinball, burning your precious energy and possibly making you vulnerable to K.O. Overall, the Golden Fox takes a lot of skill to pilot well, but the risk will be worth the reward.

On the other hand, if you want the best F-ZERO 99 machine for beginner racers, you will likely be better off using the Wild Goose. This car is the most durable in the game, and isn’t easily thrown off by collisions. You can afford to get yourself into the action and be pretty rough, which can be helpful for charging your super boost meter and getting to the upper track. This car’s Achilles heel, though, is its low recharge rate. You’ll notice yourself getting a lot less energy per pit stop than other machines, which means you can’t boost as much as your competition. Overall, this is a great car to learn ropes, but you’ll likely want to switch over to the Golden Fox if you want to really pull away from the competition.

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