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Call of Duty MW2 Gun Game Guide: When is Gun Game in MW2?

Gun Game is one of the most played modes in each Call of Duty title. In MW2, Gun Game unfortunately was not present at launch despite being promised. This was a massive shakeup considering almost each prior title did include Gun Game at launch.

Luckily, Activision has addressed this and set a timeline for when the fan-favorite mode will return. We’ll dive into that, as well as how to access it below!

When Is Gun Game Coming to Call of Duty MW2?

As of now, Gun Game is scheduled to be added during Season 2 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. It is outlined in the patch notes for Season 2 that the mode will be added to the playlist, however, that has yet to happen at least at launch.

This brings the question: when will Gun Game release in Season 2? A mid-season launch seems to make the most sense, especially as other modes like Hardcore, Grind, and Infected all are scheduled to launch this season as well. When the playerbase starts to dwindle a bit further into the season, Activision could release Gun Game in MW2 to keep interest high.

How to Play Gun Game in Modern Warfare 2

When Gun Game launches, you will be able to access it like any other mode in MW2. You simply will just need to filter for it when playing in multiplayer lobbies. You technically can play a variation of Gun Game in custom games already. However, this mode is not truly Gun Game.

To start a custom lobby, select the Free for All mode and head over to the game setup menu. From there, dive into the Gameplay settings and turn on Gun Game Weapons Swaps setting. After doing this, you can play a variation of Gun Game. Hopefully, playing this Gun Game-like mode for should tide you over until the real mode releases in a few weeks.

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