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Baldur’s Gate 3 Iron Flask Guide: What to Do With it in BG3

Wondering what you should do with the Iron Flask in BG3? Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of choices for players to make. Some of them are ethical quandaries while others simply stem from curiosity. What would happen if I murdered this merchant group and took this clearly ominous flask? The conundrum that murder, profit, and sheer entertainment posit are natural to any living being. So, as players stumble upon a traveling band of merchants along the Risen Road, it’s fair to wonder what to do with their Iron Flask.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Missing Shipment (Iron Flask Quest)

In the northern part of the Risen Road, east of Waukeen’s Rest, is a cave that has been set upon by a small band of gnolls and hyenas. There are various ways of happening upon the scene but they all end the same. The goal here is to kill all of the non-humans and speak to the two survivors in the cave.

This is a tough encounter and, like many things in Baldur’s Gate 3, can be made easier with a little persuasion. Upon entering combat, wait for the gnoll leader, Flind, to take their turn. Assuming you can pass some dialogue checks, Flind can be turned on their compatriots. With the band of gnolls and hyenas dealt with, murder Flind. It’s not exactly fair, but few things are in Faerûn.

This is where decisions must be made. Rugan and his ally will thank you for your assistance and tell you of a Zhentarim hideout in Waukeen’s Rest. After clearing the debris from the door, you’ll be prompted to say the passphrase to gain access to the secret sanctum. The group was transporting a shipment to Baldur’s Gate before they were beset upon. They mean to meet with their allies in Waukeen’s Rest before continuing on.

Let Rugan Deliver The Shipment / Deliver The Shipment Sealed

Both of these options result in the same thing. Players will enter the secret hideout and meet up with the leader, Zarys. Should they have allowed Rugan to live, he’ll be there as well. The player will receive thanks and the crossbow, Harold, for their troubles. From there, they can explore the cave and speak with the merchant for some primo stock. There’s also the promise that they’ll be looked favorably upon by the Zhentarim when reaching Baldur’s Gate.

Open The Shipment And Deliver It

Those with a nose for wonder can open the shipment and find a few items in the chest, most notably the Iron Flask. Delivering the flask to Zarys will prompt her displeasure and turn the inhabitants of the cave hostile. So long as players maintain the high ground, it’s not too difficult to clear the rabble and loot the corpses. However, there will be potential trouble waiting in Baldur’s Gate with this course of action.

What Happens if you Open The Iron Flask in Baldur’s Gate 3?

For those that can’t resist a good mystery, the Iron Flask can be opened or thrown at an individual. This will result in a Beholder called Spectator being released. This is a level five boss with some serious HP that will need whittling down. Killing it will only reward the player with experience.

That’s it! There are some interesting choices surrounding the Iron Flask in Baldur’s Gate 3 and players are encouraged to explore the one that fits best with their character’s narrative. Of course, one can also make multiple saves and explore the various timelines to their heart’s content. This is just one of many steps along the path to hitting max level in BG3. Go feed your curiosity!