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Baldur’s Gate 3 Volo Guide: How to Save Volo in BG3

Want to recruit Volo to your Baldur’s Gate 3 party? Let’s be honest, there aren’t any “good” characters in BG3. At best, there are some characters that you’ll come across in your journeys that are less crappy than others. While everyone has an angle they’re trying to play and something they want to get out of you, Volo the Bard is one of the absolute worst.

Players will encounter the minstrel with a penchant for exaggeration when they visit the lower section of the Druid sanctuary in the Emerald Grove. There, Volo will grill them for information regarding the recent goblin attack before stating his intent to go see the mischievous creatures himself.

How To Find And Rescue Volo In Baldur’s Gate 3

How to recruit Volo in BG3.

As you have probably already surmised, Volo is a buffoon and now finds himself in dire straits with the goblins. After heading west from the Emerald Grove, players will encounter a desolated village overrun by goblins, ogres, and more. We strongly advise having your most charismatic character do the talking as fighting your way through this goblin stronghold is nigh impossible at the current level of two to three.

Proceed further into the goblin stronghold until you come across a banquet hall filled with the sloshed green meanies. Standing tall on a makeshift stage in the center will be Volo who is being forced to perform. Eventually, you’ll have the opportunity to interrupt him by calling out his questionable rhymes and he’ll lose his nerve only to be escorted off by his handler.

Head to the back of the room and feel free to ignore the ogre as he won’t do anything to stop you from going through the door. After crossing the threshold, you’ll be grilled by a few more goblins saying you should turn back. Do whatever course of action you feel is best here, but again, try not to resort to violence as things will get messy real quick. 

Up on the right side of the second floor will be a door containing Volo and his captor. Head inside and chat her up. The quickest way to release Volo is to read his captor’s mind and reveal that she’s been hiding the man from her superiors. Point this out and she’ll reluctantly give you the key to his ramshackle cage.

Once released, Volo will down an invisibility potion and head to your camp. There, he’ll give you a shirt for your efforts and claim he knows all about the mindflayers. By now, you should be wary of his claims. Make sure to turn down his offer to remove the tadpole, lest he pluck out your eye with an icepick, thus giving you a permanent -1 on Intelligence checks, the inability to land critical hits, and a disadvantage on all Perception checks.

That’s all there is to rescuing the walking trash bag that is Volo in BG3. He’s honestly not worth the hassle, but for those wanting to be a hero and save the Forgotten Realms, he’s another punch on the hero card. While you’re questioning your life choices in Baldur’s Gate 3, be sure to check out our guide on changing your appearance.