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Fans Beginning to Worry That 48-Hour Stream of Catatonic Jerma in Hospital Bed Isn’t a Bit

LAS VEGAS — YouTube personality and Twitch streamer Jeremy Elbertson, known by his online persona ‘Jerma,’ began to worry fans Wednesday, causing them to believe his 48-hour stream of his catatonic body in a hospital bed might not be a bit.

“This is classic Jerma…right?” began sweating Jerma985 fan Craig Mayhew. “This is totally something he’d do. A funny, elaborate avant-garde stream? But also, he hasn’t moved in hours, and those EKG beeps sound incredibly real. You’d first think that there’s no way that he could stay motionless for two full days, so it must be real. But Jerma would. Next you’d think if he was actually dying, he would never livestream it, so it must be fake. But Jerma would.”

Even moderators were dubious of the stream’s legitimacy.

“It all started really funny, with us making comments about his ‘dump truck ass’ in his hospital gown,” reported Twitch moderator Evan Cherry. “But later, when our donation messages would be met with a lifeless, glassy-eyed stare for hours on end, it stopped being funny. Whether or not this is real, it’s by far Jerma’s masterpiece.”

Fellow streamer and Jerma collaborator Ludwig Ahgren commented on his friend’s condition.

“I received a message from Jerma’s estate requesting me to come to the hospital and visit him,” Ahgren said. “Apparently there are stipulations in his will that require me to serve as a male orderly on his stream, feeding him and changing him. Whether this is a touching tribute to our friendship, or an ironic streaming bit remains to be seen.”

At press time, fans became increasingly concerned when a sudden poll came up on stream, allowing the Twitch chat to vote whether or not Jerma be administered his lifesaving dialysis treatment.