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‘Elden Ring’ Reviewed Entirely With In-Game Messages

something incredible ahead

First off, Elden Ring,
Try Elden Ring

Didn’t expect map…
all the more gorgeous view, O gorgeous view

Visions of mountain…,
Visions of castle…

Visions of lake…,
Visions of forest…


hidden path…
and then hidden path

Ahh secret…,
Could this be a abundance?

joy ahead
but Be wary of confusion

Elden Ring,
so to speak No clue ahead

No clue ahead
but Let there be bliss

but no tower ahead

Still no climbable spot
and then climbable spot, O climbable spot,

and then map

and then map

in short No tower ahead

Ahh, bliss…

think carefully required ahead,
and then look carefully required ahead

Praise the listen carefully!,
and then Praise the map!

battle ahead,
strong foe ahead

skill required ahead
except Try do it!

Still no victory…
therefore Could this be a injustice?

No injustice ahead,
Time for turn back

you don’t have the right ahead
therefore Seek not here!

If only I had a weak foe…

Seek east
orTry west

Why is it always strong foe?

Ahh, stay calm,
Let there be opportunity

Behold, weak foe!
so to speak No suffering ahead

Try battle,
all the more weak foe

I did it!

Time for turn back,
and then Seek strong foe

Still no victory…,
by the way Try magic

Likely magic
and then Try don’t give up

I did it!,
Praise the magic!

well done

Could this be a on the brink?
so to speak If only I had a Elden Ring.

Could this be a joy?
orCould this be a sadness?

Still no confidence…
Seek introspection

Likely joy,
therefore Seek Elden Ring

No sleep ahead
but Still no regret…

Time for Elden Ring

Still no good fortune…
therefore I can’t take this…?

Try fort,

Praise the Elden Ring!

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