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Co-Worker More Serious Than You Think About Starting Podcast Together

KEARNY, N.J. — Although he previously seemed to be only joking when suggesting that the two of you should get together and record some of these “hilarious” workplace banters sometime, your co-worker, Steve Clifton, is more serious about the idea of starting a podcast with you than you think, nervous office sources confirmed.

“Man, we have such fun joshing around the office when nothing’s going on,” Clifton said earlier today, trying to conceal a large studio microphone case being held behind his back. “If we started a podcast together, I bet it would gain traction real quick. Of course, I barely have any time at all for that sort of thing these days, but if you were wondering, I do happen to be free on Thursdays for the near future.”

Sources say that Clifton has been floating the idea of the two of you becoming the next big podcasting duo to others in the office for months now and has even started telling your co-workers that the two of you are “totally thinking about starting one up soon” and that the premise will be “two fun guys who just bullshit about their week.”

“Yeah, Steve comes around every now and then to tell us about the amazing chemistry going on in the test episodes of that podcast,” said your co-worker, Grace Molinski, who is eagerly awaiting a link to the program so she can finally subscribe and see what the hype is about. “He also mentioned that you both could probably go full-time as podcast hosts at Spotify in a matter of weeks with quality this good, which sounds really exciting! Can’t wait to check it out!”

“I’m telling you man, if we do this podcast, we’ll have so many people rolling on the floor with our funny stories about the workplace,” said Clifton. “By the way, I’ve been kind of busy figuring out logistics, but do you happen to know any good sound editors, graphic designers, SEO specialists, and / or improv coaches? I’ll make a google doc where you can share any recommendations with me! Thanks!”

At press time, Clifton was entering his credit card number into GoDaddy to secure a 10-year license to the URL