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Report: Grandma’s Amiibo Collection Worth a Ton

TINLEY PARK, Ill. — After agreeing to help clean out his grandma’s basement in exchange for 20 dollars and a free home cooked meal, gamer Austin Pottle stumbled upon a collection of rare amiibo figurines that were reportedly quite valuable.

“I’ve been collecting amiibos since the Wii U days, but I’ve never seen these before,” said Austin of the limited-edition figurines. “I looked ‘em up online, and guess what—they’re worth a ton! I tried scanning them into Smash Bros. first, but they weren’t compatible. Apparently they’re from some game called ‘Precious Moments’. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it seems like it’s pretty popular. I wonder how much a physical copy costs.”

Austin’s grandma, Beverly Pottle, was happy to see him get motivated about something for a change.

“I’m glad that Austin is so enthusiastic about cleaning out my rumpus room!” said Beverly. “He even offered to organize a garage sale next week, and said he would be in charge of sales and handling all the money! Normally he spends his time collecting a bunch of worthless pieces of plastic that end up sitting around and collecting dust. Could you imagine living like that?”

Austin’s cousin, Danny Lafeber, caught wind of Austin’s motives and quickly swooped in.

“Oh hell no. I’ve had my eye on those figurines for years. I think they’re Figmas — or possibly Nendoroids,” said Lafeber. “They’re from an old anime called ‘Precious Moments’ that you probably haven’t heard of, but I definitely have. I’ve seen all the episodes in the original Japanese. Still trying to track down the Blu-rays somewhere for my collection.”

At press time, the whole family had shown up at the garage sale to make a few bucks, which was the first time they had all been together in the same place in years.