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Opinion: If You Live in My Sims Town, You Better Learn to Speak Gibberish


Original article has been translated from Simlish for clarity.

Immigration continues to be a dividing issue, and it can be hard to find the truth through all the different voices, especially when there’s a language barrier in the way.  So while it may not be a popular opinion, I believe that if you live in my Sims town, you should learn to speak Gibberish.

I see it more every day, from the barista at my coffee shop saying “Good Morninginstead of  “Bloo Bagoo”, to the ATMs having the “English” option above the “Simlish” option.” Our identity is being slowly taken over by these outsiders; they’re even teaching English in schools now!  We need to stop this before things get worse.

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Put simply, if you moved here from somewhere else, you need to assimilate and learn the local language.  I’m tired of getting blank looks from my gardener after I explain how to water my azaleas, because he only speaks English.  We’ve been gracious enough to allow these people into our community, the least they can do is adapt to the group and become true, naturalized Sims.

Now before the PC Police and SJWs come after me with their pitchforks, I am not a racist for feeling this way.  Hell, my neighbor Tim is a breakdancing alien and he’s one of my best friends.  This has nothing to do with hate, and everything to do with protecting our way of life.  Do you really want your children to grow up in a world where they’re forced to learn and respect different perspectives and ways of life?  I sure as hell don’t.

I’m a proud, red-blooded Sim just like everyone else.  I go to my job as an astronaut every day, I make woohoo with my gorgeous purple wife, and I’ll pee on the floor if you don’t get me to the bathroom in time.  People like me don’t deserve to have their heritage erased by people who refuse to change for the majority.  If we let the outsiders continue to trample on our beautiful language, you can say dag dag to our way of life very soon.

Article by Kyle Sekaquaptewa.

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