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Every Videogame Pride Month Event This Year

With June officially kicking off, many games and gaming companies are doing there part to create visibility for LGBTQ+ gamers everywhere. Here are all the amazing videogame Pride Month events to be on the lookout for!

Knight pieces will be replaced by a small effigy of Sir Ian McKellen

Overwatch 2

Commemorative RuPaul skin for Doomfist


Lifting their inexplicable ban, gay people will be finally allowed to play the free battle royale game for the month of June

Indie games

What’s that?

Call of Duty  

“GAY” will be written on the wall in bullets by sixth grader Connor Murphy

RIOT Games

Riot plans to pay tribute to any gay employees by outing them to their friends and families unprompted


In a clever name change, GameStop will be rebranding as LQBTQ+Stop

Tears of the Kingdom 

Shigeru Miyamoto will tweet a crude doodle he drew of Link and Ganondorf spooning each other