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Everything We Know About the Next Avatar Movies

Avatar: The Way of Water quickly became one of the highest grossing movies of all time, solidifying our future as one that contains several more Avatar movies. Here’s everything we were able to find out about them.

There will be more colors of Na’vi

James Cameron has confirmed that Avatar 3 will feature red Na’vi who hang out around fire, green Na’vi who live in meadows, and yellow Na’vi who drink their own urine

Sigourney Weaver will be lowered into a volcano

Sigourney has learned to hold her breath for up to 8 minutes for a sequence in the upcoming film in which the crew will drop her into a real volcano

No Sam Worthington

Avatar star Sam Worthington has vowed to only be in one popular movie every 10 years

Stephen Lang redemption arc

Land’s character Miles Quaritch may still be the villain of the movies, but Stephen will atone for the sins he has committed in the real world

Welcome to the Jungle

Cameron has secured Guns N’ Roses’ hit song Welcome to the Jungle and plans to play it over every sequence involving a jungle in the next four Avatar movies

Avatar the Last Airbender

Cameron bought the rights to the other Avatar series to shut it down and make sure that no one ever fucking talks about it again

Jewish Na’vi

The water Na’vi of Avatar: The Way of Water were heavily inspired by the Maori people, but Avatar 3 will prominently feature a clan of Na’vi “Jewish in every way,” according to Cameron.

‘Avatar’ Backwards Is ‘Ravata’

This is undeniably true. Try to tell us it’s fake. We’ll kill you

Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat reportedly not featured 

Same as the first two Avatar movies

The souvenir popcorn bucket is a scam

Even though the fast-talking AMC employee will try to upsell you into the ornate bucket with all the Avatar characters, you’ll only refill that thing, like, twice.