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MLB The Show 23 Best Pitching Style Guide: Best Pitch Settings

MLB The Show 23 provides players with many different settings and options to finely tweak their baseball experience, and many players may be searching for the best pitching style. Whether you’re new to the series or a diehard fan that’s played every yearly release for as long as you can remember, there are plenty of choices to make the gameplay comfortable.

A great example of this is the different available pitching styles. Each has its benefits and disadvantages, but there is one that will be most appealing to a majority of players. This guide will cover all of them and provide an answer to which pitching style is the best in MLB The Show 23.

What are The Pitching Styles in MLB The Show 23?

There are five pitching styles to choose from when first starting the game and they can easily be changed in the main menu’s Gameplay settings. The Options Explorer under the Learn to Play section on the main menu also allows practice with each style.

  • Classic is the most bare-bones option that might seem familiar from older Baseball-themed video games. The pitch simply needs to be aimed and thrown, leaving velocity to be calculated by the pitcher’s own stats.
  • Meter is a style that seems inspired by the shot system in Golf games, where a needle will travel along a meter before coming back down. The first pass is to determine the velocity and the second is for trying to match it with a pre-determined mark for accuracy.
  • Pinpoint is easily the most complicated choice. The left stick is first used to aim and then the right stick has to trace a pitch-specific pattern while meeting two closing circles. It requires the most precision in movement as well as time to throw the best pitch.
  • Pulse is one of the simplest to use next to Classic and also has no way to affect the velocity of a pitch. This style turns the aiming marker into a continuously pulsating circle. Time the button press when the circle is at its smallest to throw with the best accuracy.
  • Pure Analog is similar to Pinpoint in that it makes use of thumbsticks. After aiming the pitch with the left thumbstick, the right thumbstick is pulled down before being pushed up in the same direction as the left.

What is the Best Pitching Style?

Each of the pitching styles has its own uses for specific situations, so it’s tough to pick the best pitching style in MLB The Show 23. Someone new to the game might prefer the Classic style or have a consistent team of pitchers with decent stats to cover the lack of velocity choice. It can’t be understated how much a player’s own personal skill level and preference also play a huge factor in which style they might gravitate to.

If the best pitching style in MLB The Show 23 has to be chosen, it’s undoubtedly Pinpoint though. As difficult as it is to use, no other style can allow for such fine tweaks to a pitch’s accuracy and velocity. Throwing a great pitch with this style can help the best perform how they’re expected and even those with substandard stats throw at their maximum potential. Pinpoint is a pitching style that’s worth learning, especially if you’re planning to play competitively with others.

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