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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Blade Hangouts Guide: All Answers

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is here, and with it comes hangouts & hangout conversation answers to know for all of the game’s heroes, including Blade. Maxing out your friendship with every hero in the game is possible, but it’ll take efficiency and making the most of all of your time. The best way to do that is to know all of the best hangout conversation answers and hangout spots.

Also, a quick note: this guide is still a work in progress. We’ll be updating it as we make our way through the game for ourselves!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Hangout Conversation Answers for Blade

The first conversation centers around Blade taking a vacation, and is the same no matter which hangout you choose. You only make one choice for this one, and it should be “You want company?” This will net you an additional +2 friendship XP, on top of what your activity gains you.

Another possible conversation you can have starts with Blade talking about needing to take a break, as he’s not the type to take many breaks. Give him the answer, “Resting makes you weak,” and gain the maximum additional friendship XP.

One conversation Blade will talk about a difference with the night sky being darker than usual. Give him the answer, “We should look into this.” Blade will appreciate your concern, and you’ll be rewarded with +2 friendship XP.

In a different hangout scenario, Blade will ask if you thought about killing him when you awakened. This conversation can be a bit more involved to get maximum gains. Say whatever you would like for the first question. The only change is to your light/dark balance. After that, he’ll ask if you would stop him if he ever loses control. Answer “What are you asking?” Then, follow with “Trust me to make that call” to get maximum friendship gains.

Blade will also have a conversation with the Hunter about hatred, and its disadvantages of it. For the best friendship gains, answer “You never lost your edge,” then answer “Myself, finally.”

Blade: All Hangout Activity Friendship Gains

Choosing the correct activity is another key to increasing your friendship gains with the heroes of Midnight Suns. Here are all of the friendship gains from every hangout activity with Blade:

  • Exploring the grounds: +5 Friendship XP (liked the activity)
  • Meditation: +7 Friendship XP (loved the activity)
  • Poolside: +5 Friendship XP (liked the activity)
  • Fishing: +7 Friendship XP (loved the activity)
  • Have a drink: +7 Friendship XP (loved the activity)
  • Playing video games:  +5 Friendship XP (liked the activity)
  • Stargazing: +0 Friendship XP (disliked the activity)
  • Working out: +7 Friendship XP (loved the activity)
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