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Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Best Fuse Material Guide

One of the most important things to know about in your adventure through The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is how to use the best fuse material to bring the best out of your weapons. All of the new abilities introduced in TOTK feel pretty limitless. Fuse specifically can help bring out the best in your equipment, bringing interesting new properties to your swords, shields, & arrows. Here are some of the best fuse materials to make the best out of all of your equipment.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Best Shield Fuse Material

The best fuse material for shields in Tears of the Kingdom.

Starting with shields, most of the best fuse material in Tears of the Kingdom will be with select Zonai devices. These can give your shields increased utility with two main capabilities: offense or mobility.

For offense-oriented shields, you can rely on both Flame Emitters & Beam Emitters. Both of these will allow you to attack enemies with a consistent stream while also defending yourself. For a bit more oomph on this shield offense, consider fusing a shield with a cannon. This won’t have as consistent of a damage output, but can provide knockback to knock away a single powerful enemy. A smart move might be to have one Emitter shield, and one cannon shield.

If you want a mobility shield, though, you still have a few options. For ground mobility, consider attaching a sled or cart to your shield. When you shield surf now (by pressing A in mid-air with a shield equipped), you can get a whole lot more speed. Looking for more vertical movement? Attach a rocket to your shield to rise up in the sky by defending with your rocket shield. The rocket will fade before long, though, so only use this in a pinch.

There’s a few other devices that have interesting effects as well. Fusing a fan to a shield can disrupt your enemies, and fusing environmental items like spike balls to your shield can give your enemies a bit of payback. You can also go on the defensive by attaching a puffshroom to your shield, which will unleash a smokescreen when an enemy strikes it.

Best Fusion Weapons in Zelda: TOTK

To bring out your weapons’ full potential in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll want to use the best fuse material. This is much more straightforward than with shields, though. For the most part, the material with the best fuse power is what you’re going to want to put on your melee weapons. There are still some interesting combos to be had, though.

Gems like rubies, topaz, and sapphires can give interesting elemental effects to your weapons. Attaching a piece of topaz to a stick, for example, can give the stick the ability to hurl balls of electricity at your enemies. It’s also smart to stick to your weapons’ given synergies. For example, using Zonai materials on Zonai-powered weapons is a no-brainer, and will help you make the most of both the materials and weapons. Other than these outlier cases, though, it’s usually best to just stick to highest power items you can for melee weapons.

Best Arrow Fuse Material in Tears of the Kingdom

To create the best arrows in Tears of the Kingdom, there’s plenty of materials to choose from. Fragile yet powerful materials like Gibdo Bones are perfect for arrows to pack a bigger punch. However, the much better use of arrows is situational materials with new effects.

Chuchu Jelly can add a ton of new effects to your arrows, changing element depending on the color. White can freeze enemies, while red ignites them. You can use elemental fruit like fire fruit & ice fruit to achieve similar effects, as well. Bomb Flowers can pack a powerful punch in a large area, too, but are hard to come by, so use them sparingly. The aforementioned Puffshrooms can be handy for arrows as well, creating a smokescreen to either escape or abuse Sneakstrike on strong, unaware enemies.

That’s a beginner’s guide to Tears of the Kingdom‘s best fuse materials! The combinations with the fuse mechanic are limitless, so experiment with everything you find to make the most of your weapons. While you’re at it, check out our list of all elixir recipes in Tears of the Kingdom to enhance yourself as well as your weapons.