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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Item Duplication Glitch: Version 1.1.2

The latest patch 1.1.2 for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has disappointed many fans who were using the various item duplication glitch methods for their own personal enjoyment in one of this year’s best-selling games. Worry not though, new dupe methods have already started cropping up. The glitch in this Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guide for version 1.1.2 is a bit tougher than previous glitches, but our step-by-step guide can help you pull it off.

How to Duplicate Equipment in Tears of the Kingdom (1.1.2)

Use the rock Octorok for the item duplication glitch in Tears of the Kingdom 1.1.2.

Yes, there is still item duplication in Tears of the Kingdom version 1.1.2, but it’s a bit more difficult than before. First we need to find a Rock Octorok. This particular species of Octorok will vacuum up dropped weapons, bows, and shields, and then hurl them back at you fully repaired and buffed as well. The most convenient one you can get to is northwest of Marakuguc Shrine (Wheeled Wonders) in the Eldin Canyon region. The coordinates are 1877, 2699, 0398.

Things to note:

  • Before approaching the Octorok, unsummon or dismiss your Sage companions via the key items menu where you can disable their Sage orbs, so that they don’t get underfoot and kill it first.
  • You absolutely must pick up the recalled item back into your inventory as soon as possible, before the Octorok spits out the dupe, or the game will know that the item has been duped and simply remove it.
  • The Octorok will only consume, and thus dupe, weapons, bows, and shields. It will not consume legendaries/Amiibo rewards (whether scanned or not) of any kind, so consequently they cannot be duped either.

Once you find it, make a hard save so you can try again if you flub the timing.

  1. Ready your Recall ability, but don’t deploy it just yet, and place yourself within range of the Octorok itself.
  2. Drop or throw the equipment you want to dupe at a reasonable distance from the Octorok–not so close that you don’t have an opportunity to react as it sucks it up, and not so far that the Octorok can’t do it all.
  3. As it vacuums up your item, wait till it is almost in the Octorok’s mouth, and then hit Recall on the item. Don’t panic–slow motion should provide you ample opportunity to pull it off correctly, and there’s always the save to load.
  4. Quickly pick up the recalled item off of the ground. You’ll immediately know if you were successful, if the Octorok sets off its sparkly effect from having consumed and buffed an item.
  5. Give the Octorok a second to spit the dupe back at you, and you’re done.

When you examine your inventory, you should see that both items have the sparkle effect in the upper right corner, indicating that both items are undamaged and buffed, even though technically only one was actually consumed by the Octorok. This Octorok is no longer useful now, so eliminate it, and when it respawns at the next Blood Moon it will be able to dupe something for you again. Cycle your way through each of the Octorok spawn locations if you wish to continue duping items, while you wait for the Blood Moon to rise, which is every seven in-game days, at midnight.

If you’re having trouble with the timing, check out the helpful video tutorial below, from RageGamingVideos.

Approximate Locations of Rock Octoroks

  • 1886, 2716, 0396
  • 1635, 2748, 0398
  • 1583, 3175, 0400
  • 1414, 2349, 0324
  • 1440, 2006, 0293
  • 1854, 2693, 0397
  • 1856, 1479, 0276
  • 1377, 3215, 0408
  • 1451, 1681, 0319
  • 1440, 2180, 0294
  • 1444, 2352, 0316
  • 1460, 2193, 0297
  • 1637, 1490, 0279
  • 1633, 2758, 0398
  • 1638, 3410, 0311
  • 1625, 1428, 0297

Duplicate Materials in Tears of the Kingdom

Even though the Octoroks cannot be fed anything but weapons, bows, and shields, you can still dupe fusible materials like Diamonds with this same glitch. Simply Fuse the material with any equipment of your choice (that the Octorok will consume), and carry on from step 1 above. Once the dupe has been performed successfully, make your way to Tarrey Town in Akkala Highlands. The closest fast travel point to it is Rasitakiwak Shrine at 4166, 1323, 0229. Glide over to the town proper, and run over to Pelison’s Break-a-Part Shop at 3995, 1634, 0127. For a cost of only 20 rupees, he will unfuse a fusion without destroying either material or equipment.

And that’s how you use the item duplication glitch in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom latest update: 1.1.2. Be sure to check out our guide on the best early weapons while you’re here!