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GTA Online Best Motorcycle Guide: GTA 5 Fastest Motorcycles

Motorcycles are just one of the many ways you can transport yourself across the vast world of GTA Online. When looking at each of the shops on the storefront, it can be challenging to decide which motorcycle would be best for you. There are plenty that excel in speed, while other excel with mobility and defense. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are even motorcycles that aren’t worth a purchase at all. Since there are so many to choose from, we’ve lined up the best motorcycles money can buy in GTA Online!

Shotaro – Best Motorcycles GTA Online

The Shotaro, one of the GTA Online's best motorcycles.

Ever wanted to ride around in style with one of the bikes from Tron? Now you can! The Shotaro is basically the legendary light cycle from Tron, so you can now speed around GTA Online with one of the most iconic vehicles of all time. While it might not be the fastest or have any meaningful abilities, the striking design of the Shotaro is too good to pass up. The motorcycle actually lights up when you drive it, and you can also purchase a matching outfit to match your vehicle! You’ll be sure to turn heads as you race down the streets of Los Santos.

Hakuchou Drag

The Hakuchou Drag is one of the fastest motorcycles available in GTA Online. The price for this vehicle is just under $1,000,000, however, that price is more than justified when looking at what this bike offers. For time trials, the Drag is a perfect choice to race past all of your competitors. There are multiple upgrades available to increase the performance of this motorcycle, however, those will cost you as they are not cheap at all. If you use the Hakuchou Drag in plenty of races around the map, you could be looking at a nice payout each week.

Oppressor – Fastest Motorcycles in GTA Online

The Oppressor Mk I is, simply put, one of the fastest motorcycles available in GTA Online. Its speeds easily tops almost all of its competition, even that of the Oppressor Mk II. The neat feature with the Oppressor is the ability to fly and use a boost to gain height. The motorcycle has wings on the back of it that allow it to glide through the air. Additionally, this motorcycle has homing missiles that you can use against any aerial or ground vehicles. While this is a great option for those looking for a sweet deal, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing this motorcycle over the upgraded model, the Oppressor Mk II, as it is better than the original model in plenty of ways.

Western Reever

The Western Reever has the fastest speed out of any motorcycle in GTA Online. Additionally, the acceleration is also the fastest, meaning you’ll be able to speed ahead of any threats in a heartbeat. If you end up buying this motorcycle, be sure to tune it up and upgrade some of its features to increase the traction. You’ll want to do this as it doesn’t handle as smoothly as some of the other motorcycles on the list. For a whopping $1,900,000, you can purchase the blazing fast Reever at Legendary Motorsport.

Oppressor Mk II – GTA Online Best Motorcycle

The Oppressor Mk II is the go-to motorcycle for plenty of players in GTA Online. This vehicle is even the standard over plenty of cars, which says a lot about its abilities. It builds upon the original Oppressor, adding the ability to fully hover and fly in the air at all times without ever having to touch the ground. This can be game changing if you’re looking to fight other players or complete various missions throughout Los Santos. Also, it has flares and smoke that can deter missiles if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation. Overall, this is the best motorcycle you can purchase in GTA Online by far.

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