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Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus Guide: Can You Play NG+?

The newest Fire Emblem game, named Fire Emblem Engage, is coming out soon, but fans are wondering if it will provide New Game Plus or other forms of post-game content. For a new game that provides a more combat-focused game than its socially-focused predecessor Fire Emblem Three Houses, post-game content like a New Game Plus game mode is common. 

For those who aren’t familiar with it, a New Game Plus is common in role-playing games, allowing players to keep the progress they’ve acquired over the course of the game while replaying the story against tougher enemies. This is a compromise that allows players to keep all of their progress, while experiencing the game all over again.

Does Fire Emblem Engage have New Game Plus mode?

Fire Emblem Engage does not have a New Game Plus mode on launch, despite previous games in the franchise including this. This mode normally keeps players invested in what they’ve developed over the course of the game while adding more replayability and challenge. For a game more focused on combat than in the recent past, the lack of a New Game Plus is a surprise.

As of release, the game has some post-game content, revolving around replaying specific missions. But, if a player wants to play through the story again soon after release, they will have to play from scratch.

However, just because it isn’t in at launch, doesn’t mean it can’t be added. There is an opportunity for the developers at Intelligent Systems to add some more post-game content in the future. Whether it comes in a patch or as DLC, there is a chance that more post-game content can be added to Fire Emblem Engage.

Whether it comes or not, as of release, Fire Emblem Engage does not have a New Game Plus mode.