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Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Get Festive Wrapping Paper

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Gift of Giving event has brought a lot of festive fun to the valley, including a myriad of unique cosmetics and furniture items to help you celebrate the holidays. Of course, it’s not only about the gifts you can receive – it’s the season of giving, after all. But if you want to give gifts to your beloved pals, you’ll need to find some Festive Wrapping Paper. 

How To Get Festive Wrapping Paper in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to find Festive Wrapping Paper in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

A few rolls of Festive Wrapping Paper spawn outside of Scrooge’s shop every hour or two throughout each day, so you’ll want to visit wherever you’ve stationed the greedy duck’s building and take a look around the surrounding area. If you have a significant amount of items placed around the location, you may want to move them away just a bit to allow some extra room for the spawns.

Each roll of Festive Wrapping Paper can be combined with another item at a crafting station to craft one of four different presents. You’ll need to craft a total of 10 if your goal is to complete the “Ho! Ho! Ho!” quest in your Village Dreamlight tab, which will reward you with the Pile of Gifts furniture to display anywhere in your home or valley.

The four gifts you can craft include the following:

  • Delicious Gift – Wrapping Paper (x1), Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies (x1)
  • Handcrafted Gift – Wrapping Paper (x1), Festive Chair (x1)
  • Shiny Gift – Wrapping Paper (x1), Shiny Ruby (x1), Shiny Emerald (x1) 
  • Naughty Gift – Wrapping Paper (x1), Coal (x1)

When you start giving out your gifts, always select a different villager each time to be sure that it counts toward your “Ho! Ho! Ho!” completion. And don’t worry – if you want to hand out even more gifts, the Festive Wrapping Paper will continue to spawn until the end of the year, so you have plenty of time to stock up on it.