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CoD Modern Warfare 2 (2022): Campaign Rewards, Achievements

All of the campaign’s available rewards, achievements, safe locations & codes.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d woken up at some ill-defined point in the past, seeing all this news about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 again. But no, it’s not 2009, and nor are we here to talk about the 2020 remaster of the 2009 game either. There’s a third, other CoD: Modern Warfare 2, with a new campaign and multiplayer, in a move sure to infuriate both search engines and people searching for any of these three titles the world over. I mean, there are so many other available combinations of words. It’s just barmy. 

Anyway, the latest game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now partially out for players who have coughed up their cash ahead of the full launch on 28 October, and we’ve taken stock of everything that you can unlock or, uh, achieve in the campaign so far. Some of this will be handy when the full suite of modes is out too, so if you have 5 or so hours between now and the end of the week, you can blast through the single player here quite quickly and set yourself up for when the floodgates open. 

Let’s get into campaign rewards, achievements, and where to find those damn safes in Modern Warfare 2.

CoD Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Rewards 

All of the multiplayer rewards available in CoD: MW2's campaign.

You’ll get something or other for beating each of Modern Warfare 2’s 17 campaign missions, all of which are usable in the forthcoming multiplayer and special ops modes, as well as Warzone 2 when that launches in November. Here’s everything that you can unlock in a handy little table: 

No.Mission nameReward
1Strike Calling Card: “Soap’s Determination”
2Kill or CaptureEmblem: “What’s Done is Done”
3Wetwork30 Minute Double XP Token
4Tradecraft30 Minute Double Weapon XP Token
5BorderlineCalling Card: “Chainlinked”
6Cartel ProtectionBase Operator: Chuy
7Close Air30 Minute Double XP Token
8Hardpoint30 Minute Double Weapon XP Token
9Recon by FireCalling Card: “Gaz”
10Violence and TimingBase Operator: Nova
11El Sin Nombre1 Hour Double XP Token
12Dark Water1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token
13AloneCalling Card: Shadow Company Ops
14Prison BreakBase Operator: Reyes
15Hindsight1 Hour Double XP Token
16Ghost TeamBase Operator: Hutch
17 CountdownUnion Guard Assault Rifle

The Union Guard Assault Rifle is a blueprint fashioned after Captain’s Price trademark gun, and is equipped with the Aim OP-V4 Reflex Optic, SZ 1MW PEQ Laser, FSS Covert V Silencer on the Muzzle, and the Lockgrip Pricision-40 Underbarrel Vertical Grip attachments.

You also unlock Realism mode by beating Modern Warfare 2’s campaign on any difficulty, which turns off your HUD entirely and lowers your health even further than on Veteran difficulty. Good luck. 

How to Get CoD Modern Warfare 2’s Campaign Achievements

All of the achievements in CoD: Modern Warfare 2's campaign.

Campaign achievements

  • A Crappy Way to DieKill the enemy in the porta-potty. At the start of Dark Water, take the flight of stairs up to the second floor, and the porta-potty will be straight ahead. Poor guy. 
  • Backpack GuyKill gassed or blinded enemies using a Molotov, Semtex, and Frag in Prison Break.
  • CrocodileShoot three enemies while underwater in Wetwork.
  • DaredevilWhile affected by one flashbang, kill two enemies in the campaign or in co-op.
  • Don’t touch the deck!In Dark Water, advance 90 metres towards the front of the ship without touching the deck. To get this one, you’ll need to hop along the crates that are sliding about the place, and use the structures along the sides to move forward. 
  • Gentleman Thief Open three safes in the campaign. Detailed below. 
  • Ghost-in-TrainingReach the penthouse in El Sin Nombre without killing anyone or triggering the alarm.
  • Going DarkComplete Low Profile without triggering any alarms.
  • GunlessFinish Alone without firing a gun.
  • Keeping this OneReach Price using the first vehicle you hijack. This is on the Violence and Timing mission.
  • Must be Wind Rescue hostages in Countdown without the enemies firing their weapons.
  • NessieReach the barge without being seen in Wet Work.
  • Nobody was ThereNever trigger the alarm in Recon by Fire.
  • No time to LoseComplete the CCTV sequence in four minutes. This is on the Prison Break mission. 
  • Practice makes PerfectShoot all the targets in the training area in Ghost Team.
  • Test DriveDrive five vehicle types in Violence and Timing. You start in a pick-up, and need to hijack a flatbed, troop transport, armored 4×4 and a civilian vehicle to unlock this achievement. 
  • Wall of DutyKill three enemies with the riot shield in the campaign or in co-op. You can find a riot shield in the Prison Break level. 
  • Cutting Heads off SnakesFinish all campaign missions on veteran or realism difficulty.
  • Time for PintsFinish the campaign on any difficulty.

Co-op achievements 

While co-op isn’t a part of the early access, some clever sneaks have discovered that there are five achievements to be earned when it does go live:

  • Night FightEarn three stars in Low Profile.
  • HellrideEarn three stars in Denied Area.
  • Kings of the MountainEarn three stars in Defender: Mt. Zaya.
  • Only the BeginningEarn at least one star in co-op.
  • Full SSEFind 20 intel fragments in co-op.

Get all 23 of these in the bag, and you’ll also net the We are RTB achievement too, for your bragging rights. 

Safe Codes and Locations in CoD Modern Warfare 2’s Campaign

First Safe

The location of the first safe in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Mission 11: El Sin Nombre 

Once you’ve been balaclava’d up and set free, head for Diego’s bedroom on the second floor opposite the elevator, and take a peek in his wardrobe to find the first safe. The date on the very regal portrait nearby tips you off to a combination of  02 02 19, and you’ll earn a Lockwood 300 shotgun and some armour plates for your troubles. 

Second Safe

The location of the second safe in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

Mission 13: Alone

You’ll find this one behind a locked door in the cafe after the dark house with the shotgun trap. Craft a Pry Tool from your backpack to jimmy your way into a little office with a desk and a safe. The combination is 10 10 80 – gleamed from the calendar above the desk, which makes reference to someone’s 40th birthday occurring on the 10th October 2020. A bit of quick maths later, and a throwing knife and a silenced .50 GS pistol are yours for the taking. 

Third Safe 

The location of the third safe in CoD: Modern Warfare 2's campaign.

Mission 13: Alone

The third and final safe in the MW2 campaign is in the garage you’ll find just after leaving the cafe that housed the second safe. Head out of the left hand side of the building into the alley, and the garage is next door. The nearby computer will tell you that the code is 37 60 80, netting you a crossbow, another throwing knife, and the Gentleman Thief achievement, if you’ve done them all, anyway.