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Alolan Dugtrio Cast in Major Role in ‘House of the Dragon’

NEW YORK — A blonde-haired Dugtrio from Alola will appear in HBO television series House of the Dragon, representatives of the Pokémon confirm.

“So, first we get all these weird holes and burrows being photographed all over the set, right? Okay, big deal. Someone’s got a big dog on set or something. But then, there are reports of tremors at the recording location. Nothing huge! Just little earthquakes, somewhere between magnitude 2–5,” said YouTube TV critic Nolan43 in his latest video. “Now, hear me out; there’s three dragon heads on the Targaryen flag. And you know what else has three heads, all decked out with beautiful blonde hair? That’s right,” he concluded, flashing an image of Alolan Dugtrio on screen and looking expectantly at the camera.

Other fans pointed to a zoomed-in photo of the set from a distance, showing what they claimed was the distinctive shape and blonde hair of the Alolan variant of Dugtrio.

“The photo is a little blurry, I’ll give you that, but I played Pokémon Moon every day for a year. I know an Alolan Dugtrio when I see one,” said Suzi Takara, moderator of the third-largest Facebook group dedicated to Alolan Dugtrio. “It’s either that, or three trash cans with a yellow tarp over them. But I’m pretty sure it’s Dugtrio.”

Almost immediately after the role was confirmed, rumors began to spread that Dugtrio was difficult to work with.

“Yeah, I had to do a kissing scene with that guy. Or guys, whatever. Is one of them a girl? Is that possible? Can two be boys and one be a girl? Ugh,” said a disgruntled cast member who requested to remain anonymous. “It was honestly one of the worst scenes of my life. The director didn’t even tell me which head I was supposed to kiss. I got three pairs of eyes all staring at me — what do I do? And they wouldn’t stay still. Just gyrating up and down. It was like apple bobbing for a hot dog’s lips.”

After the announcement, key art was leaked depicting altered Targaryen house words, “Fire and Blood, and also Ground and Steel with 110 base speed and Sand Veil.”