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Top 10 Gamers in the World Right Now

Welcome to Hard Drive’s monthly power rankings of the top American gamers in the world right now. As always, a reminder that these are not an objective ranking and just Hard Drive’s cumulative opinion of who’s absolutely killing the game(s) right now!

Lou Schubert

A Smash phenom, this 12-year-old burst onto the scene this year after previously making waves in local one-on-one freeze tag tournaments. Is known for his underwhelming catchphrase “I’m gonna go to the bathroom after this!”

Tony “Dan” Marino

“Danny Boy” Marino (known also by his PlayStation handle PleaseJustCallMeTony), can be found placing in most major Rocket League tournaments. He recently had a nightmare about a really mean dog and was forced to cancel several highly anticipated competitions, and is heavily rumored to be returning to action soon.

Ayden Stonestreet

One of 2023’s breakout gamers makes his first appearance in our rankings. This Call of Duty superstar is a little shy, and will start crying if you ask him for a quote too many times.

Carol Roebuck

This is my older sister who said she’d kick my ass if I didn’t put her on the list. She plays Candy Crush on her phone. (Can you do something about this, Mom???)

Megan & Caleb Malone

These Smash playing siblings share a passion but not a motivation. Caleb wants to be “the best in the world,” whereas Megan says she’s motivated simply by “the chance to make my brother cry in front of as many people as possible.”


Craig came over and beat us all in Mario Kart again.

Brayden “Judd” Conners

Remarkably mature beyond his nine years, Judd Conners has taken Twitch by storm with his shockingly accurate streams of American Truck Simulator that feature him talking about how much better the country was in 2007.

Jimmy Fallon

We heard he was playing the new Zelda game. Very cool, Jimmy!

Russell Russell, Jr.

Son of Big Buck Hunter legend Russell Russell, Sr., Russell Russell, Jr. has turned heads in the competitive gaming scene by showing up to many prominent tournaments and making fun of everyone that’s participating. While not technically a gamer, no true gaming event is complete without this young shit talking superstar.