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YouTuber’s Friend in This One

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Local YouTube fan Jane Knoebel was mildly concerned after seeing that the latest video from popular video game YouTuber KoalaTitan features an appearance from the content creator’s friend. 

“I was super excited to watch the new ‘All Yoshi Games Ranked’ video, but I gotta say, my eyebrows raised just a little bit when some guy who is clearly a friend of Koala’s showed up as ‘Adult Baby Mario,” said Knoebel as she waited for an ad about how vaping can deliver toxic metal like lead into your lungs to end. “I don’t dislike the guy, it’s just that the channel isn’t called KoalaTitan and Friend, you know what I mean? 

Other fans reportedly felt differently about the appearance, seeing it as an exciting change of pace for the Nintendo-focused YouTuber.

“You know when Koala’s friend shows up that you’re going to see some really creative funny stuff,” said KoalaTitan Discord user CaptFalco06. “It makes me think about how if I was friends with him, he’d totally let me be a character in a skit. I’m like, super funny.” 

Knoebel maintained her skepticism, continuing her critique of the online video content released online weekly at no cost. 

“I’ve suffered through horribly paced ad breaks and canned ‘What are you doing in this video?’ crossovers with other channels, but I just don’t know if I can make it through this sketch with an adult man I kind of recognize in a diaper.”

At press time, Knoebel had reportedly fast-forwarded one minute in the Yoshi video to a point where the friend was no longer on screen.