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The 9 Worst Things to Say to a Nintendo Fan

The console wars may have ended, but we’re still living in its shadow every single day. So the next time you’re talking to a Nintendo fan, make sure not to say one of these 9 things!


Dear God, get out of there!

“Bedtime is at 9”

But Mooooooooooooom!

“We should get weapons and kill the President of the United States of America” 

You probably shouldn’t say this to anyone, regardless of their affinity for Mario

“There are some really great games on PlayStation too”


“Just put down the gun”

You knew what you were doing when you said you didn’t like Tears of the Kingdom

“Luigi inherited his mansion from slave-owning ancestors, you know”

Nintendo fans like to separate the art from the artist

“Xbox is gay”

Any Nintendo fan knows this is a blatantly homophobic sentiment that goes without saying and that Xbox has had lots of sex with the opposite gender

“Aren’t Nintendo games supposed to be for children?”

You can debate this further with the SWAT team that has just been dispatched to your address

“Super Smash Brothers Brawl”

Them’s fightin’ words, motherfucker