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Nobel Prize to Be Awarded to Forum User From 9 Years Ago With Same Niche Problem

STOCKHOLM — An internet hero was finally awarded for their work this week as the Swedish Academy has announced they will be giving the Nobel Prize in Literature to the forum user from nine years ago who had the same niche problem as you.

The Swedish Academy held a press conference announcing the decision and the rationale behind it.

“It is our great privilege to announce that we announce this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature will be awarded to forum user jellygiggler69,” exclaimed Academy chairman Sven Olsson. “While we usually don’t announce winners until closer to the ceremony later in the year we felt that this user deserved immediate recognition for their work. Their writings have provided valuable contributions to the betterment of humanity through education and self-reflection. No matter what problem you may have been facing or how little information there is about it online, jellyjiggler69’s years-old posts have always been there to guide us into the light.”

Olsson gave a personal anecdote as to how jellyjiggler69’s work has affected him that resonated with people worldwide.

“Even recently here at the Sweedish Academy, we’ve been helped by reading the astounding work of jellyjiggler69. Just this week we had a problem with our internal systems that no one in IT could figure out and online searching yielded only results for completely different problems. But then we discovered a forum post from nine years ago in which jellyjiggler had the same problem and he managed to fix it. We followed what he said and low and behold it worked. An impossible problem solved and our minds enriched.”

Upon the announcement, people from all walks of life came out in support of the decision while regaling tales of how jellyjiggler69 has helped them.

“This one time my capture card started warping the audio sporadically and I searched for hours on how to fix it. Customer service couldn’t figure it out, there was no one online who knew what the cause could be and then I discovered a forum from 5 years ago where jellyjiggler69 solved my issue. No one deserves a Nobel prize more than them,” wrote Twitter user MarkMan.

“I bought this game during a Steam sale and at one specific cutscene it would bug out and freeze and not a single other person online had ever had this issue. I thought all was lost until I discovered jellyjiggler’s 12 year old GameFaqs post detailing how they fixed it. Truly the greatest writer of our generation,” wrote Twitter user StankJerky420

At press time, the Swedish Academy has yet to figure out jellyjiggler69’s identity but is hopeful one of their old forum posts will provide the answer.

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