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New Marvel TV Show Just Kevin Feige Sitting in Chair Explaining Lore You Need to Know for Next Film

LOS ANGELES — A new announcement from Marvel studios revealed a brand new MCU Disney+ exclusive show, which reportedly will just be Kevin Feige sitting down and explaining things that happened in the MCU before the next movie. 

“Alright, let’s get this over with. Instead of six hour-long episodes, I’m just going to tell you what She-Hulk has been up to,” Feige said from a large leather recliner in the show’s premiere episode. “We don’t really want to make these shows, you don’t really want to watch ‘em, let’s cut out the middleman. Just in case we want to fold some of these TV shows into the next movie, we’re still going to make them have offscreen adventures. Sound good? I think we can knock this out in thirty minutes, max.”

Marvel fans have reportedly appreciated the lifted weight of not having to watch so much content.

“This is by far the best Marvel show yet,” said MCU superfan Chris Fredrich. “The pacing is good, the special effects are top-notch, and it’s nice that I can just blitz through all the lore like a TED talk on fast forward instead of having to watch Falcon and the Winter Soldier amble through a half-baked plot. My only complaint is that they don’t do this for the movies, too. I wish I could just get a two-hour long Marvel Cliff’s Notes of everything that happened instead of sitting in the theater for six hours a year.”

“Here’s the skinny: Wanda’s still dead. Loki is in another timeline doing Loki shit until the next Avengers movie. Bam. Done.” Feige related to the camera in the show’s climactic finale. “Moon Knight is…Moon Knight? We did a Moon Knight show? When? Oh, but it probably just starred some C-lister that we can dispose of, right? Oscar Isaac? You gotta be kidding me. Nobody told me about this.”

At press time, viewers of the show reported the series features an exciting post-credits tease where Kevin Feige rattles off names of celebrities that will be making cameos in future films.

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