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Critics Slam MrBeast for Helping Old Woman Cross the Street

WICHITA, Kan. — In the wake of a recent act of kindness from YouTube influence Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a. MrBeast, critics were outraged to see pictures of the internet personality helping an old woman cross the street.

“That sick son of a bitch, where does he get off just guiding an elderly woman across that busy intersection?” said Twitter user Sean Francis. “He’s just going to take her arm and gingerly steer her through traffic without acknowledging the problems in society that make old women unable to cross the street in the first place? Sure, the woman seemed very thankful and MrBeast was gentle and polite, but I think he should be put in jail.”

Other social media posts condemned MrBeast for his previous good deeds. 

“It’s depressing to see someone shamelessly make a video of themselves doing random acts of charity to those in need,” said Marilyn King. “I can’t wait for people to realize that this MrBeast character is some demented freak who just wants to use his wealth and influence to help the less fortunate, and I can’t believe the internet is rewarding him for being so generous and kind. He may be doing something nice, but he made a profit off of it, and then even worse donated the profits to one of his food banks he funded. Why can’t he just use his riches and power to be a self-obsessed asshole who flaunts expensive cars and hawks boner pills like a good influencer?”

Despite negative attention, various MrBeast fans praised the YouTuber.

“Please be my friend MrBeast,” said one fan, Cyrus May. “I love you so much and I think we would be best friends. I have located your home and I am coming to it!!!”

At press time, sources reported that MrBeast had stirred up another online controversy when the YouTuber maliciously gave a homeless man a loaf of bread.